Heal up Jesse...I'm with you

Just wondering how many people I hear dissing Jesse have ever played sports before at a high level. I can tell from what I know of this guy, is that there isn't another player out there that prepares to ready himself, more for games, than Jesse. Physically, he probably does too much and overtrains. He plays so focused and so physical and he takes on all comers. Mentally, I know it's killing him everytime he has a setback. I've been a athelete myself and can sympathize with him. My son also played pro sports and I can tell you anytime he suffered a setback (injury) it just tore him apart and it tore me apart watching him...he wanted to get back in so bad and help his team. Guys that have played will understand this. If he can keep healthy, Jesse is hands down, the best rb in the cfl. :cowboy:

It's good to see someone stick up for Jesse. I'm a Lumsden fan and hope he can get healthy soon and stay that way no matter where he ends up playing. He is a lot of fun to watch!

I don't think anyone is disputing his desire to play. Or the fact that when he does play, he's phenomenal to watch. But the fact is, due to his type of play or type of body structure or the whims of the Gods, he can't play a complete (or even half a season). And at some point, one has to wonder, is it worth the salary, especially in a salary cap system, to have a part time player? Is it worth the roster spot?

That's a valid question. What I don't like is that there are people questioning his desire and toughness. That's what I don't like to see.

I dont question his toughness or desire either, but I am one who doesn't think even when healthy he is the best rb in the CFL. There is 4 or 5 guys I'd take before him maybe even 6. One of them does play for our team currently. Is he worth what he will likely ask for defiantly not. Will there be as many takers as people seem to think likely not. I pose this question now do you think any team would trade their starting RB for Lumsden as people used to be suggest defiantly not. These are all things people are questioning now not toughness desire they are questioning what exactly is he worth. Sadly to say and break the hearts of ticat fans wed be lucky to get a starter in return for him. The Jesse over hype is finally settling down. Do I think he is good yes, but will we miss him if hes gone no. He hasnt won us games and i think ppl are now realizing this. I for one wont lose sleep if he is gone. If he stays great if not no great loss. Anyways hopefully the guy can stay healthy which seems doubtful and have a decent career

Thank you some one can finnally stand up for him in public. :smiley: :smiley:

Physically, he probably does too much and overtrains
That might be a key point right there. The physique that most pro athletes have these days is a testament to how much time they spend in the gym.

At the same time though, it seems to me that there are more injuries than ever.

My guess is that overtraining is the culprit in many cases, especially with shoulders and knees.

With guys like Jesse who want to be out there so bad, they probably only know one way, and that is to get back in the gym as soon as possible and make the muscle bigger when what it really needs is time to heal.

I am no expert, but I hope that the experts that the team employs are giving him the proper advice and that is to let the body heal as it needs.

Bad shoulders are such buggers and take a long time (I know of this first hand)...seeing him reinjure it on such an innocent looking play makes it obvious that his shoulder was far from healed.

I've never questioned Jesse's ability or toughness or desire, in fact, I've had heated arguments on here defending him.

However, it seems that for whatever reason, he's had a bad stretch of injuries. Maybe it's a fluke thing and he'll go the next five years without injuries, I don't know.

But what I worry about is losing him for an entire season, or for the playoffs (if we make it one year), and we don't have Terry Caulley to rely on because he got tired of being the old stand-by and took a starting job elsewhere. Caulley and Smith won't stand by forever. That's my concern, effectively, losing all three and therefore, our running game.

I hate to say it and I feel for Jesse, but eventually the team has to make a decision as to who they are going with and it will probably mean letting the other go (Lumsden or Caulley).

When Jesse doesn't play we lose a star running back but also a solid blocker in pass situations.He hits like Troy Davis.His run of bad luck injuries is a testament to how he plays.His critics should give him a break.
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

The guy is injury prone. Period. I always shrugged it off until his latest injury. That's his third injury this year alone!

I'm sure he trains and prepares hard but in the end, it doesn't matter because he always gets hurt.

I believe the coaching staff has gone on record and said that Caulley is actually a better blocker.

I see why so many teams passed on him in the draft. Teams will take a chance on a guy even if he's going to the NFL but no one except the Cats bit.

Jesse is a talent no doubt, but I agree that there are several RBs who are as good or better than him even when he is healthy...Cates, Cobourne, Reynolds for sure because they are multifaceted backs who can block and catch. Jesse is a disinterested blocker and his hands are mediocre.

Jesse's CFL career has been nothing but smoke and mirrors, alot of hype with no statistical backup, no 1000 yd seasons, not many 100 yd games, and tons of down time. His hype and the myth of Jesse being the best back in the league and sure fire HOF'er was created by his explosiveness, good locks...(all Canadian boy, the hometown hero thing), and his and he has also benefited by playing for a team that doesn't throw very well, so he often stood out as the best ticat on the field even when his performance was average. More than anything however, he was looked upon a a savior cause the fans REALLY wanted him to be one. 5 games doesn't make a career, check his stats and take away his 5 big games. Whats left??? Not alot.

All this being said, I wish him the best. He seems to be a good guy, I suspect that he isn't as tough as some fans would like him to be, but until we can crawl into his head, I don't think he will ever know how bad he's hurt.

At the end of this season, Jesse very well sign with T.O. or Edmonton, but there is no way that he will command the type of money that he would like, in fact I don't even think he will land a stater's spot unless it's for the Ar...s.

Too bad.....for him and the Cat faithful who looked at him as the Moses who would lead the Cats out of mediocrity.

I dunno...I think the guy has it.
The hometown thing makes him all the more valuable. If he could string even close to a full season together, he'd be the perfect poster boy for the team.

I don't want to give up on him yet. He's still relatively young - and definitely has shown flashes of greatness.

The guy is a force and can change the momentum of a game. But I almost wish he would've taken this year off - taken it easy for the most part, and heal up.

Shoulders are tempermental at the best of time. And the weigh room doesn't help them heal at all. (I'm just getting over a mild-AC joint sprain and the effects have been lingering for over a year now.)

Its tough..and I really feel for him. I think he has the heart that we're looking for.

You have to laugh at the guys who say he isnt the best in the business when healthy .

How many 200 yds rushing games have these guys had in the past 2 years ?? Ok i`ll wait while you think about that for a minute !!! Jesse has had 2 if not 3 in the last 2 seasons .

I would dearly love to see him play 5 o 6 games in a row the rest of the season and then listen to you grovel about how you knew he was the BEST !!!

To say he`s not a good reciever is so much **** **** last season some of his biggest gains were on swing passes . He is even a good kick returner as well but cant be subjected to more hits than he already recieves !!!!

He isnt even close to the best the best have good games game in game out the best are great blockers as well. The best have 1000 yard rushing on their resumes. Outside of a few good games and a few good runs each game which inflate his stats he really hasnt done much. The best make those 1 yard runs and dont get stopped. Jesse would be a back up on almost any given team. Why was he passed up till 6th overall in the draft and dont say the NFL every team knew he wasnt going to make it there. He is over hyped and so many people have bought into it simply because he is a hometown boy. The best win games for you as well he hasnt done that. He is good at one faucet of the offense and that is running the ball. He is one dimensional if he is the best try trade him ull be surprised at what he is worth maybe a draft pick and possibly a prospect certainly he is not worth the value of the best. he hasnt done anything to even prove he is the best. When he comes back and runs off a few 1000 yard season and consistently gets 100 yard games ill eat my words but its very doubtful thatll happen

He is by far the best and most explosive back in league, maybe even in the history of the league I haven't seen a back capable of doing what he does. It's just too bad he is injury prone to the point where he's just not worth resigning for what he's going to want.

As i have said Lumsdens career is near its end and injuries will end it really soon. All you Lumsden fans are in denial hard… wake up.

Jesse is good no doubt, but the fact is the ticats will never know until jesse plays a full season with no injury.

So who cares if he is or isnt the best of the CFL, just know this the kid can run his a$$ off when he wants.

According to a previous poster, Jesse should be a plumber, as he "is only good at one faucet of the offense".

But a plumber wants to plug holes!

Has he won you a Grey Cup? Has he led you to the playoffs?

Its really sad that some poor souls want a local hero SO BAd that they too a nice kid with better than average talent (for a NI) and ruined his career by taking a couple of monster games and thinking that he was a superstar and HOF bound.

Habman, you gotta stop beleiving the hype...read the stats. You know that your mind has been fogged by your Jesse obsessionn if you think that your biggest ambition is having him play 6 games in a row.

Find yourself a new hero, like Prechae or Caulley or Setta, guys who have potential.

Jesse is done...too bad[/b]