Heal up Casey...we need you

We need the Casey of old, back to run this offence. Heal up and bring it like you can. :thup:


Hey I'm much happier with this team than I've been in any of the last 3 years, sure it is due to help of some of the other teams in the division, but I'll take it, along with any random posts you might have to offer. When is the last tiem we were in week 5 and you could say we are one game out of 1st place? It may not be pretty, and we may not have played the best football in the last two weeks, but here in Tiger-Town we'll take it. The team has shown they can win the games to catapult us into first place in a very bleak eastern division, it hasn't been visible the last two weeks, but in my opinion all the tools are still there. Let's bring it together Tiger-Town and take first place this week!

Umm, they have?? I disagree.

They've shown us they can "compete" in games, but in order to show they can "win", they actually have to "win" consitently.

Sure we beat Toronto, but got blown out of the water against Montreal and Calgary and lost very winnable games at home to Sask and Edmonton. This team hasn't shown anyone it "can" or "will" win anything for sure regardless of how poor the eastern conference is.