Heads will roll?

Scott Mitchell says heads will roll if the Ticats don't start winning. What I'm wondering is.....whose heads?
I see an effort from just about every player along with the small assortment of missed routes, poor block, missed tackle, dumb penalty etc. These are all minor problems which should be able to be corrected as long as the effort is there. I just don't see many players whose heads should roll, maybe a few players could be improved upon if more experienced talent was available but I really do not see wholesale changes as I don't see many players whose lack of effort or playing ability stands out as contributing factors to the season record. This is a much better team than last season by far.
Perhaps Scott Mitchell is reacting to someone else or maybe he should be as patient as most of the fans are, maybe we can see what is coming or maybe he is feeling the pinch at the gate.
We all want to win but we have been patient with the improvements every week, just have to focus harder in the red zone.

I think Mitchell’s comments are part of a new promo. MC Hammer didn’t work out, so now they’re bringing in Judas Priest.

The entire organization is a joke. Scott Mitchell is a nobody. From top to bottom, this franchise is starting to make me sick. Watching this team play is 3 hours of my life I will never get back...so I'm gonna enjoy the rest of the summer saving for NFL games.


But they play like Barry Manilow.

An Argo-Cat fan

I will echo that BYE BYE

My feelings were the same when I read Mitchell's comments. Who's head is going to roll this time? The revolving door of players has to stop. How can any team get some rhythm going if your locker mate changes weekly. Wasn't that what training camp was for? Time to look deeply at the coaches/manager/scouts and make them accountable.

Go Cats Go

Perhaps the DC and OC who never seem to have any plan, especially on defense. Or perhaps the guy we talk little about in the background...Mike McCarthy...who has a lot of imput on player decisions...perhaps Jason Maas...

The guys leaving actually have the right idea. No more heads can roll from the players side. This team is getting better and to change anything more that the implementation of a QB rotation would be catastrophic AGAIN

Yes, this year's 0-5 team is much better than last year's 0-5 team. And next year's 0-5 team will be even better yet!

8) Ha Ha, A classic post for sure !!! Funniest I have seen on this site this year !!! Congratulations !!!! Truer words were never spoken !!! :lol:

Let's Start with Mass...The boys of The Stoney Creek Attic...

Sizzle, I admire the strength of your faith. However, I don't see how going to church is going to help the Ticats. I doubt that God would favour one team over another just because of the prayers of a few fans.

you seriously do not see any positives going on with this team?

I see lots of positives but THAT post is hilarious no matter what your beliefs on our progress


It's not like the other teams are standing pat either. They're trying to get better as well and seem to be better at it than the Cats.

An Argo-Cat fan

Time for the coaches to be held accountable.Player is going to put us back a few steps.That said,I would consider bringing a 4th QB in.Printers?where is this guy and would he cost a fortune?

Printers? As in Casey Printers starting QB for the BC Lions who have a serious QB issue themselves?