Heads Up: No Lawn Parking Allowed For Grey Cup Game

My friend, who lives beside THF, just informed me that no lawn or street parking is allowed for the Grey Cup game. All nearby residents were given special permits by the city to park on the street if required. If that is how you planned on parking I guess you better make new plans.

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Wow. If the Cats get in with the Arkells playing at half time now they won't be able to play 'Ticats are Hummin'. (Unless they change the line about being able to park on a lawn).

City council ruins everything! :grin::thinking::scream:

Wonder how far they'll push that out. They can't possibly have enough parking for everyone, and seeing as it's not an extended capacity game why would it mayyer?

She didn't say how big the boundary was but mentioned something about the fact that they wanted people to take shuttle buses to get to the stadium. I can't see how the city can stop people from allowing parking on THEIR property.

Shuttle bus? I'm not even going to comment.

Parking on someone's lawn is one of the great joys of Hamilton football!

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If the Argos get in the game the CFL will get the parking rules will be changed for them.



This may be the reason?


More info at website... And below, from the City of Hamilton:

Start date: Sunday, December 12, 2021 at 9 am
End date: Monday December 13, 2021 at 7 am
Road closure limits: Cannon Street from Lottridge Street to Gage Avenue
Reason for closure: 2021 Grey Cup

Start date: Saturday December 11, 2021 at 5 pm
End date: Monday December 13, 2021 at 7 am
Road closure limits:

  • Melrose Avenue from Beechwood Avenue to Cannon Street
  • Beechwood Avenue from Melrose Avenue to Balsam Avenue
  • Balsam Ave from Beechwood Avenue to Cannon Street

Reason for closure: 2021 Grey Cup

That's not too bad. Still lots of street parking, maybe just a little longer walk

Yes, you are absolutely right. People need to arrive early though. They want the area around the stadium to be totally walkable, and that makes sense - hopefully no snow storm!

Is the Grey cup sold out ? I heard it wasnt.

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It could be for security
Closing roads unless people live local

I would hope that allowances are made for those who CAN'T walk that far - those using assistance devices (canes, walkers, crutches, chairs), those with valid "Disabled Parking" placards, and the like.

Back when my grandmother and I had season seats at IWS, I would drop her off at the Beechwood Gates, and then find a place to park (lot, driveway, lawn) and meet her inside the gate at one of the picnic benches.
When we left a game, everything happened in reverse. I rarely parked more than a block away.

IIRC, the streets immediately around the stadium have been blocked to traffic for almost every game. The "local traffic only" will allow the local residents (who SHOULD be either AT the game or watching it) to get in-and-out easier.

I still don't like the restrictions, though...