Heads Up!.......errrr, I mean 'Ed's Up'

Remember back in training camp when Ed Robertson of the ‘Barenaked Ladies’ strapped on the pads and joined the Tiger-Cats for a day on the field?

Well his new show called “Ed’s Up” on the Outdoor Life Network is airing this week.

The segment with the Tiger-Cats goes this Wednesday evening at 8:30 pm.(Eastern)

[i]"Ed’s Up – “Tiger-Cat Training and Steelcare in Hamilton?

Wed., Nov. 1 at 8:30 p.m. ET/9:30 p.m. PT

In this episode, Robertson flies into Hamilton, Ontario, and finds himself at CFL training camp with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. It only takes a few minutes for him to remember that in high school he spent a lot more time in the band room than on the field. When he’s so battered and bruised that he just can’t take anymore, the coaches evaluate his performance. Will he make the cut, or should he keep his day-job?

After confirming that no bones are broken, Robertson is off to Steelcare, a steel plant in Hamilton, where he must load and unload trucks and trains full of heavy, raw steel, straight from the mills. A giant warehouse serves as a dangerous backdrop and the “steel jockeys? training him delight in tearing him apart – almost literally."[/i]

Good one, Mikey! I'll be watching for this.

Make sure somebody bumps this on Wednesday....sounds like it will be a laugh! :thup:

In retrospect, they shoulda signed him.

Friendly Bump! :thup:

just another friendly "bump".....tune in at 8:30 tonight (Outdoor Life Network).....(of course after watching Bob Young on CBC's Venture at 7:30 pm....)

Watching "Ed's Up" right now....it's great seeing T.J., J.K and the boys having some fun!

Yeah, Teej and JK looked like seasoned actors there.....good stuff!

Hilarious segment..... I enjoyed watching! :thup: