Heads should roll immediately!

Let's no wait any longer!

Massive firings, massive cuts.

We are a complete joke of a franchise.

Start rebuilding now.

The players and coaches should be donating their paycheques to charity, because, NOT ONE OF THEM HAS EARNED A PAYCHEQUE THIS YEAR!

They should be embarassed to pick up their cheques Monday morning.

They have to do something, Im watching the game on CBC and after the riders gave up a safety it showed Ron on the sideline laughing it up the score was 27-3 at the time, i honestly dont see anything funny in people wasting there money to go watch that garbage I have season tickets and didnt even go tonight cuz its not even football to me anymore.

Agree Time for heads to Roll…

Tough time for the Ticat fans, not even sure who needs to go...

Paopao, Reed, A bunch of players?

Heads should have rolled weeks ago.

Exactly, now it's too late. I've started a lot of posts without finishing them, because I can't even find the words to describe how disgusted I feel. I won't be fooled again. Bob Young better find a way to fix the FOOTBALL side of this business. Getting the marketing fixed first was like putting a new paint job on the Titanic.

Well, some of you may be pleased to hear that Sean Millington agrees that firings needs to be made. He said every coach must go. He may have said it best with three words he said when asked what he would do if he ran the team: Blow everything up.

Once again, this season has been all sizzle ( great marketing ) and no steak.
Drastic changes must be made. Like the above postsaid, it is hard to find words to describe the feeling. This team does not play with pride. They are killing the tradition of Hamilton as being "steel tough".
Mr. Young needs to clean house. Trade Maas or dump his contract before Sept 1st since he's not earning his pay cheque.
The offence has no imagination.. can Pao Pao and Lancaster and get the rebuilding plan under way.

I do that to. It helps to focus on one thing you hate the most, right now I picture Bob siting in an expensive hotel talking about somthing other than football and planing a trip to Europe :wink:

Please Bob please start the rebuilding now. Get a real GM and coach! I can't wait until next year....we are paying customers that expect to see SOME progress. I am so fed up right now.

Boo-hoo, please oh please Bob, make everything better.