Heads need to roll...

You know, after the CBC went down and CFL.ca went down, and the Eskimos lost the game, I figured I'd just go to bed and maybe I'd feel differently about everything in the morning.

No. I'm still pissed!

But not at the team. No. Ricky Ray was amazing. He showed that he truly is one of the best QBs in the league, if not the best! Acree had an amazing game. A.J. Gass was all over the field again.

I'm pissed at the coaching staff... especially the defensive side. Blitz, blitz, blitz, blitz, blitz!

Edmonton blitzed, Saskatchewan got a first down. Edmonton blitzed, Saskatchewan got a first down. Edmonton blitzed, Saskatchewan got a first down.

Jesus, if I could see that then why the hell couldn't the coaching staff.

That was honestly one of the most pathetic displays I've ever seen in sports, and every single person on the coaching staff should be ashamed of themselves. They should apologize to all of the players:

"Sorry we lost the game for you, guys. It's pretty clear that we have no idea what we're doing."


I feel for you Chief, the Rider D had that same affliction for a lot of years. Every time they blitzed they would get burned, and it never seemed to end. I wonder if Danny M will still be the head guy when we come to visit when the season is winding down.

Hey, NO ONE feels your pain more than an Als fan like myself. We were blitz-happy for many years and while we had success, it was fine. Then teams started to figure us out, but we still kept blitzing. Same old story, play after play: line up 8 guys in the box, blitz, fail to get to the quarterback, who finds the open receiver on the crossing route and picks up the first down. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Campbell needs to make the same leap that Chris Jones has made and learn how to construct a defense that does more than just send pressure on every play. Quarterbacks are smarter, tougher, and faster. Offenses are getting more creative. What worked in 2002 isn't going to work in 2007.

...i'm surprized that Campbell is still with the esks. after his great defensive call last year on Milts late heroics.....stick with this guy...he'll find you the basement.......oh ,and if you're here larrysmiley....Warner did look good on a couple plays....however the mid-season swan dive this guy does ...is just around the cornor..... :wink:

Wonder if it has anything to do with his last name? :wink:

I wouldn't lose any sleep if Campbell was given the pink slip... That defensive stand last night was ridiculous. So many times we got picked apart by the Riders. And the sad thing is they made it look so damn easy!

Honestly, I'm at the point right now where I don't care what happens to anyone on the staff. Just unfortunate that Danny holds other positions with the organization.

I've lost faith in the entire staff... What was with the QB sneak they tried twice against the Stamps? The offence completely disappeared last week against the Ti-Cats.

And I'm assuming the same thing happened last night. I saw Ray throwing short passes again in the third quarter... and did the offence even step on the field in the fourth? I'm curious to know the time of possession because the Riders were able to score 12 points.

If I were in charge of the Esks, I'd fire the entire coaching staff except for Chapdelaine, make him the head coach, and let him pick his own staff.

If Chapdelaine is responsible for the double QB sneak two weeks ago, and for limiting Ray in the second half for the last three games (he is the offensive coordinator), I'd be giving him his pink slip as well.

Hey, everyone makes mistakes. But you can't argue that under Chapdelaine, Ray has been very effective this year. Also, it's really up to the head coach to make the half-time adjustments, and that's where Macioca fails, in my opinion.

Ray seems to be doing the same thing he does every season.

He’s averaging 287 yards/game right now, and he averaged 277 last season. He has a completion rate of 70.0%; last season it was 65.7%. And I’m sure his 70.0% this season will drop slightly come November. He’s averaging one pick/game, which is what he averaged last season.

The only significant difference I see is in TDs. He has 15 so far, and he had 21 last season. But then, he also threw 35 TDs in 2003 when Chapdelaine was with B.C.

Right now I haven’t really seen anything from Chapdelaine that jumps out at me.

Ray’s doing what he does best, and Edmonton still has no significant running game.

I like the playcalling creativity out of Chapdelaine. He's all about progression over the course of a drive and he lets Ray use all the tricks and options if he feels the situation calls for it.

I know this is something few living Esk fans recognize after 34 years in the play-offs, but it is called "not having a very good football team".
You might fault the coaches regarding talent they have brought in, though that generally isn't considered the coaches responsibility, but I personally think you are getting quite a bit out of the players you do have.
This team was blown up after last year and is now a very young, inexperienced team that will in fact get better as the year goes on, as opposed to last years version which was in a steady state of decline.

Maciocia may or may not survive , but he is actually doing a pretty decent job.

Maccocia is my least favorite HC.

I'd definitely fault the coaches before I'd even think of faulting the players. The team is playing good right now. Ray and Fleming are kicking ass. Acree is having a much better season than he did last year in B.C. Ebell was doing good up until the injury.

We've got good players... but when you keep doing the same play over and over again... what can the players really do? How many times did Edmonton blitz last night? And how many times did they get burned for it?

Something stinks in the coaching staff... And as it stands now, I've lost faith in them. I'm not expecting another Grey Cup this year, but it'd be nice if maybe we could finish at .500 (obviously not possible with the tie; either under or above).

haha arius pal i wouldnt be throwing rocks when your stamps are living in a 3-4-1 glass house to

you know arius is a Riders fan right?

I use stamps for mailing letters.
What do you do with yours?
Anyway, I don't think giving my opinion that Danny Maciocia is doing a good job as coach can in any way be construed as "throwing rocks".
You might want to give a little more thought to your next post, as that one missed the mark in every possible way....

nooo but i think saying we just dont have a good team is throwing rocks, and you would think a rider fan who has had nothing to be happy about in 18 years, would shut his mouth before half the season is even here, but hey what do i know

Very little apparently.

That's what I thought. I was a little confused there.