Heads must roll!

Time's up. The Rider Board of Directors better have the carpet rolled out for Barrett and Shivers Monday morning. I'm talking about the carpet they can kneel on to beg for their jobs. We are sick of being kicked in the teeth again and again and we are now gettinginto the part of the season when Shivers calls us all ungrateful. Ungrateful for dropping $40-$60 a game to see a poorly-coached product get embarrassed on the field.

At season start, both Barrett and Shivers claimed this was the most talented lineup ever. They promised a winning record, home playoff game, etc. In this morning's paper, Barrett is now claiming "hey .. we can still hit .500." .500 ain't good enough with "the most talented lineup ever". If you're playing .500 ball with that much talent, it's obvious where the problem is.

It's hard to blame Joseph for anything but not pulling himself. (Hey Danny - you're the coach! It's supposed to be YOU, not the players, who make that decision.) His numbers are good, he has executed some great plays ... but he is unable to complete. Maybe Crandall should handle the team whenever its within 30 yards of the other team's end zone because Joseph stalls almost every time.

I am tired of being taken for granted. Danny's a nice guy but maybe nice guys can't coach players who don't want to perform.

Heads must roll this week. To have brought the same roster to Edmonton that was embarrassing in Calgary is inexcusable. If a handful of players aren't rotated out (you know who they are!!) then a handful of coaches should be.

Yes, the officiating has been awful this season...but the refs are at better than .500. The Riders aren't.

i might have to agree :expressionless: i said might i am swinging that way :expressionless: just a lil fed up right now, this has to end some time :?

The riders need to take a new direction. Joseph has to get his timing down, which is hard to do when the o-line is letting the other team look you in the face. Congi has to punt harder to give us better field position on defence. Rotate some of the veterans out and see what the new blood can do. 8) 8)


You know, everyone wants to see changes, especially now with the losing record. Change the lineup, change players, fire Barret and Shivers, blah blah blah. You know what, the fans of this football club have not changed in 90 years so why should they. We support them, watch them lose, and complain and complain and complain. Time for a change, the fans need to stop the cycle, stop going to games, stop watching them on tv, stop talking about them. Next home game go to the lake, the beach, take a trip to Calgary and visit family, there are other things to do. Remember, we owe them NOTHING!!! Until they figure that out, I will NOT be at Taylor field.

Times up! You Bet! Riders??? Oh , sorry I thought this was a Ticat thread! :lol:

But hey he who loses this weekend we should not even wait till after the post-game show! Heck make it the post-game show! Do it at the Gun! :rockin:

Amen!.. I agree.. don't even give him the ability to see the team.. have his stuff in a bag, waiting for him at the gate, with a ticket to wherever, to clean out his desk and take a hike!