Heading to Hamilton: Ticats sign Duke Williams

HAMILTON — The Hamilton Tiger-Cats have signed receiver Duke Williams, the team announced on Tuesday.

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Seems like good money chasing a bad idea or a receiver that had a dismal last season and has anger issues. The Duke is no replacement for Steven Dunbar. I don't like being negative pre-season but I felt compelled to question coach Orlondo's decision-making with offensive personnel.

I didn't realize that Dunbar had left Hamilton - where did he go?

Signed in EDM for $200K

Thanks Grover - I didn't know about this - in fact I just saw the new story posted about it .

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How does Hamilton even have the cap space?

Heard his contract is somewhere around $180k in hard money this year. Probably has some incentives too but less than Riders shelled out. Every team around the league is the same - they bring in big names but let vets on big contracts go to other teams.

Seems like Hamilton is signing everybody and anybody.

True, they have signed a lot of guys from other teams ( something like 10 players). But this year as opposed to recent years they’ve let a lot of their own players go. At least 2 and possibly 3 veteran dbs on bigger contracts gone. Micah Johnson gone. Dane Evans will be out before the season though Bo is making a bit more. I’m sure Ted Laurent had to take a bit less money - probably the same situation if Simoni comes back and Chris Van Zeyl is coming off surgery, no guarantee he’s back or
might be asked to take less/go on 6 game IR.
I think it will be a one year scramble to try to win the Cup at home, then you might see some of these guys elsewhere next year.