Heading out to Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper next week

Hi Calgary, Wife and me are heading out on Tuesday by plane and renting a car going to Banff etc. Just wondering if you have any recommendations off the beaten path that might be good for day hikes, 2-4 hours in length or little cabins to stay at. Staying for one week.


My sister used to live in Banff. Beautiful city. No matter where you look, you can see mountains. My sister actually works for some sort of tourist company. I'll see if she can recommend any trails. I know she's gone hiking a few times.

...it's a daunting task Earl, and I know the area well, but it's like saying 'I'm going to Germany next week, know any places to drink beer?'...pm me and I'll offer what I can...

Thats a good one. :lol: Yea there is no shortage of fantastic and beautiful places to hike. Once they get here they'll have no problem finding something to their fancy.

My recommendation is dont spend a lot of time in the town of Banff. Journey off the beaten path and make an adventure of it.

Take your time on the road trip between Lake Louise and Jasper, its the most scenic road you're likely to ever encounter.

I took it last year for a golf trip to Jasper and forgot just how amazing it is.

You are in for a treat, enjoy!

Thanks, appreciate that, looking forward to the trip.

Definately make the road trip to Jasper, nicer than Banff in my opinion, less expensive and way less commercial. Two fairly easy hikes I would recommend is to go to Castle Junction and hike up to the Bow falls and then drive north Peyto Lake. That being said, there are so many good hikeing trails and sightseeing, just about anything in the Banff-Jasper corridor is worth taking in. Don't rule out going to the Saskatchewan Crossing and taking a trip east on highway 11, beautiful as well. Sask Crossing has a motel but is a bit pricy but nice and great location.

Thanks cfleskfan, got it!

Went too Stratmore last Summer If you go where the cross country sking ares was therir are some hiking trails , just watch out for the Bears. Went Golfing at Silvercreek and it was amazing played the best round of my Life and they made me feel felt like I was a pro. great place if you Golf , just remember to bring a Camera. But if your into Banff check out Kettle Creek Tram and the Springs as well as the Horse rides they were great .

...based on your description I"m going to assume you meant Canmore, a small mountain town between Calgary and Banff, and not Strathmore, which is a small farming town east of Calgary...

yes your right thanks for the correction. :thup: Canmore yes had a great time.

Ate lunch in Canmore at a restaurant that brews their own stuff, excellent beer that went well with a bison burger. And bought a Grey Cup 2009 Calgary cap at a store there, there was even caps in this store in Canmore that had all the CFL teams! I was impressed, very impressed!