Heading East: Hughes signs deal with Argonauts

TORONTO — Just a day after his release from the Saskatchewan Roughriders, Charleston Hughes has found a new place to call home.

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Great for Charleston Hughes and the Argos as I'm sure he will be a threat to the opposition teams as always. Looks like Toronto is setting up as a real contender for the Eastern Division Rep at the Grey Cup with all those signings in both players and coaches. Just hope Toronto does a better job in filling the Stadium seats during home games, (if the Pandemic allows live audiences) but somehow I doubt that will actually happen even if there will be Stadium seatings allowed.


I love this move by Toronto. Now we have a defense that got a whole lot better. Without a doubt he is one of the best pass rushers in the game.

Nice "team friendly" contract for Hughes! :eyes: :eyes: :eyes:

It’s a two-year contract through the 2022 season which included a $50,000 signing bonus. For 2021, Hughes has a base salary of $73,000 with the hard money total checking in at $155,000. He can earn $1,000 for leading the Argos in sacks, $2,000 for leading the league in sacks and $2,500 for being named the CFL’s Most Outstanding Defensive Player.

For Hughes sake I was kinda hoping he’d land back in Calgary. He’s gonna retire in red, and it would’ve been fitting to close out his career there.
That said, glad the Riders will only face him twice in TOR.

Well I'm sorry but I think the Riders releasing Hughes was a phenomenal mistake!

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This is by far the biggest signing on the Defensive side of the ball to date. I am very surprised that Charleston Hughes has signed a 2 year deal with the Argos. He has had a outstanding career and I wish him and my hometown Argos all the very best in the upcoming 2021 season. The "Sack Master"![charleston-hughes|690x388](upload://1ePazEHSs2XSOS7PaaTYPj71lJh.jpe

Jeremy O'Day is a friggin idiot and a cancer to the team. He was a shitty center and a worse GM

Argos going for BOOM or BUST thus year with their signings and trades as of late