Head to head with Glenn

Got to give it to Glenn, he’s got his head very solidly attached to his body. Could not beleive that penalty went against the Bombers. It looked to me that Berrenechea had lots of time to stop. Looked like he was intending to injure KG. Congrats to the Bombers on this one. You guys are finnally starting to look like the team you were supposed to be this season.

ya it looked to me as if he could have stopped as well,so what is the status on glenn now?

Don't quote me on this... but it might have gone against the Bombers because of the brawl afterward.

ya it would fall under 2 wrongs dont make a right.the late hit would have been called either way but i still dont blame bryant for sticking up for his qb

I understand that, but wouldn't you agree that Berrenechea deserved to be expelled as well from that very dirty hit, and probably for more than the rest of that game ?

Honestly, not really... I'll admit it was a nasty hit. But you see those hits in football. When has anyone ever been booted or suspended for that kind of hit. They get 15 yards and the game continues.

Of course, your an eski fan. The hit was perfectly legal... :thdn:

I never said it was legal. In fact, I said give him 15 yards.

It was a dirty hit and Bryant was simply sticking up for his QB

Well, seeing how the league is serious at protecting the QBs if they let the loosing team take a cheap shot at the opponent's QB every time a 15 yds penelty doesn't mean anything anymore, we will lose a lot of talented players for no reason.

...note to Barrencheeski or whatever his name is.....we got your number.....cheap shots can be re-paid in full.... :twisted:

It was definitely a late hit. I'm guessing Bryant was tossed for fighting in the brawl? I saw the brawl but didn't see anyone get tossed. If he did get tossed for the fighting, well, that does make sense. Players from both sides got tossed at the end for fighting. Players generally get tossed for fighting.

The cfl may as well use Glenn as an example for how the refs are completely clued out. If there's no suspension for it, the league faces an embarassing precedent.

For the bombers it was +15 for roughing the passer
then -25 for the game ejection
So they ended up losing 10 yards

Why is this a mark against the refs? There was a penalty

Football is a rough game and accidents/injuries are going to happen. Hits like that could cause career ending injuries. Any player that pulls a stunt like that should face the consequences in addition to the 15 yard penalty. Today it was #39 for the Eskimos. It will happen again. We Just don't know what team the piece of whale crap will be playing for. Why whale crap you ask. Because whale crap sinks all the way to the bottom. It could be a Bomber next time, who knows. If it is, he will be a piece of whale crap also.

lock thread please.

There is no need to lock this thread. Carry on...

Well i will put it this way. Barrenchea or whatever his name his other then the next guy on the hit list for bombers to destroy had plenty of time to stop. glenn delivered that ball well before he got there. and the hit to the head was intentional. he to me took it perosnally that glenn and the team went fror to against his d. and if i were a esks fan you better hope your oline has the best of their lives this week cuz if i was on the defence i am head hunting ray the same way glenn got hit.

Good News...My wife was at St.Vital mall this afternoon and KG was signing autographs at the bomber store. If he was injured or had a concussion it's probably fair to say he wouldn't be signing autographs the following afternoon. Thank goodness.