Head to Head: Who has the edge in the Western Semi-Final?

The regular season is over and it’s now time we turn our attention to the CFL Playoffs as six teams start the hunt for the 110th Grey Cup.

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One team deserves to be in the playoffs and the other one doesn’t. B.C. is going to murders them, that’s who has the edge.

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Really? That depends on which VA shows up. The one with the eyes in the headlights or the scrambler.

My thoughts exactly. Is VA is going to be the good VA or the deer-in-the-headlights VA? (I also wonder if his in-your-face religiosity is wearing down his teammates. He’s certainly trying my patience.) There’s something off about the Lions this year, esp. the last few games. Ryan Phillips has been caught on camera multiple times on the sidelines, stunned with his arms out in puzzlement. He is being outcoached. When the Lions finally made a few long plays down to the two yard line last game, Maksymic blew it by trying to go up the middle with Davis on 1st and 10. Wrong choice!!! Something is amiss with this year’s Lions and it’s hard to pinpoint the source. Even Lucky’s nowhere near the life of the party he was last year.

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But in first and 10 example you have …if it would have been a 9 yard run or a 25 yard gain up the middle what would you have had to say… Hindsight is 20 20 and fans seem to always be in the know better than coaches with it.

Lucky whitehead ain’t no Begleton but he has had hot and cold streaks just as he did last season for BC.
BC by far the better team in this game tho

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BC has a better QB2 in Dane Evans. As shown when he played in Hamilton, he is good coming off the bench. Evans problematic playing usually occurs when he is the starter.

Calgary has had too many injuries this year to really gel. Next man up only works for so long and eventually you run out of people who have been around long enough to plug and play. Also I’ve seen too many dropped passes on well thrown balls. BC’s receivers are top notch and will often come up with catches even if poorly thrown. If Calgary plays their best game I think they can win. I think BC will be up for it but they have been inconsistent. It seems they either blow the other team out or they get blown out. They haven’t played many close games to test them in that situation. If this game is close it may be advantage Calgary.

Next man up only works when most of your bench could start for other teams too. … have not read the rest of your post but felt I had to comment on that part alone

Everyone loves an underdog. Stamps by 4 in a game dominated by the running game. 22-18 count on it