Head to Head: Who has the edge in the Western Semi-Final?

The BC Lions will be making their first playoff appearance since 2018 and will be hosting their first playoff game since 2016 as they get set to host the Calgary Stampeders from BC Place in Sunday’s Western Semi-Final matchup.

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Agree with Ferguson on most points except:

Offensive line - Stamps, most def but could be even if BC's faltering group regains its mojo (if Rourke regains his).

Defensive backs - Stamps because the Lion's backs have been less than inspired the last few games. Again, if Rourke is back in gear, the advantage goes to a likely newly inspired BC D back group.

Special Teams - Stamps, although BC's return game is better. Watch out for penalties on BC returns and a general lack of preparation for whatever surprises the Stamps have in store.

The biggest worry for Lions' fans will be how prepared and inspired the entire team looks. Too many times this season, the Lions have come out looking like deer in the headlights. There is a missing element in the team but perhaps the return of Rourke will give the entire crew a lift and solve that issue.

Too much depends upon Rourke being back in the shape he was at the beginning of the season. If somehow he does perform at the amazing way he did before, then BC has a big advantage. But one has to figure him missing so much time coupled with his mind still worrying about getting hurt that that advantage may not be as great as expected by everyone. Calgary on the other hand have put together game after game improvements (yes some hickups along the way) and with all the expected Vets still playing healthy, I can not see how the Stamps can not excell and take this game. But offensively they need to get Ka'Deem carrying the rock throughout the game with the chosen B/U RB doing a great job too.

One thing for sure - it will be interesting. The 2 best new QBs in their 1st playoff start - it can certainly go either way.

The BC QB will not be 100 percent, even if he is it really is not proven he is up to snuff vs a very good D that like Calgary has.
This game should be great and can easily go either way.
Edge to Calgary for the most part I think but I ain't gonna place no bet on this one either

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Sort of my feelings as well. Leaning Calgary but will feel like an idiot if Rourke is playing possum and throws for 5 TD’s.

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Could easily happen

Rourke was limping around the whole second half on the sidelines last Friday. He's nowhere near 100%. Advantage for BC in the secondary? Not a chance. The Bombers showed the rest of the CFL how easy it is to move the ball on the Lions D, and Calgary should be able to do the same. This one won't be close, Stamps by a bunch. WSF doesn't even matter this season anyways, whomever wins this week will be pummeled on in the Peg the following week.


Promise: the Bombers are rooting hard for the Lions. Stamps all the way this year, as I said many, many, weeks ago when we went to our backup QB and were 5-3 I believe. (Talk garbage if ya want, but you're all scared of the Stamps, and you should be.)

If any team is gonna beat the Bombers it is the stamps.
Huff is an amazing football god.

Calgary can control the game with the run game for sure. But both BC and Winnipeg are also solid in that department. Rather have Rourke or Collaros throwing on 2nd and long. Will be fun to see how it plays out.

I didn't read the article but I can't see the Stamps losing unless Rourke magically gets fully healthy and shakes off all his rust between now and the game.

agreed...despite Rourke looking good early, nine games DOES NOT a superstar make. It would be one hell of a lightning strike for Rourke to be the reason for the Lions to be Grey Cup champs. He played last year but basically, he is a rookie...that don't happen often and won't here

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I don't know much about the Lions secondary, but Calgary's isn't very good. It starts with their coverage (I think this is on their non-experienced secondary coach) as they easily give up yards (they tend to play zone vs man). What they do well is not giving up the big plays but all Rourke needs to do is move the chains. Hopefully they can tighten up and keep the yardage to a minimum...

I have no horse in this race, pardon the pun, but the love Calgary is receiving over the last few weeks is beyond astounding! From what I've been reading as of late, one would think the '72 Dolphins have been reincarnated, lol. Don't let the user name fool you, I'm a huge CFL fan; started to go to Blue Bombers games when I was 5, in my 50's now and still watch them when they come to HAM & T.O. Anyways, back to my point, let's breakdown Cal's season. For starters, ONE AND FIVE against the creme de la creme (lost all 3 to WPG, 1 - 2 vs. BC, including a later season loss at home with VA3 at QB. OK, "What have you done for me lately?" The last MEANINGFUL game Cal played was at home vs. Ham. What happened? Laid an egg and choked big time! Their "dominant" wins vs. Sask beyond irrelevant...talking about a team that had mailed it in. Embarrassing performances by Sask, didn't even try. To top it off, this will be Maier's first Playoff start. Can Cal win the whole thing? Sure, it's the CFL, wouldn't be shocked if Ham was in the Cup again. A whacky and fun league where anything can happen! That being said, I just don't think the love Cal is getting at this juncture is warranted. Gotta EARN the respect on the field. The X Factor that no one can predict until he's on the field is Rourke's foot. A healthy and efficient Rourke and it should be bye bye for the Stamps


The Big Blues are shakin in their shoes...back to back Champs and 3-0 vs Cal this season, lol. Promise: THEY.DON'T.GIVE.A.SHIT. Personally, if Rourke is 100% he is far more dangerous than Maier. Even when Rourke was at 100% and on fire, the Bombers extinguished the Lions with ease in BC....just sayin


One KEY Point that was missed... OFFICIATING - B.C. Lions CFL officiating, at the BEST of times, can be suspect! Who is the new face of the CFL and undoubtedly the most influential player to enter the league in decades? KID CANADA. The ticky tacky calls will go BC's way, trust me! In a struggling league, the CFL wants BC & Rourke to advance. Huff & Dick are old news. What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

As to the remarks about reffing, don't confuse incompetence with colusion


The incompetence has always been there, that's for sure, lol. HOWEVER, to think collusion and "phantom flags" don't come into play is very naive. Especially when money is involved and the CFL definitely needs it! Have you ever read the NFL fine print? Aware that the NFL has ever right to script their games much like WWE? Please read up on the Anti-Trust laws / exemption the NFL has...not the same as MLB, NHL, NBA. Here's a little info to get you going :slight_smile:

The NFL possesses an Anti-Trust Exemption to the law granted to it by President John F. Kennedy, which ultimately allows the NFL to classify itself as "entertainment" rather than sport, as well as incorporate itself as a single entity instead of the 32 separate "franchises" they would want you to believe. Contrary to the perception of the NFL being 32 separate franchises battling it out for gridiron supremacy. In a franchised environment, such as McDonalds (Business 101), each franchise is individually owned and operated and can participate in national promotions, have its own local promotions, or abstain from participating (hence the fine print in commercials saying "at participating locations".

This keeps the regionality of competition in tact without having to compete on a national level. MLB has this status, the NFL does not. Instead, since the NFL has this Anti-Trust exemption, it is able to package its teams in order to sell to national television companies, which today totals $6 Billion in revenue for the league. That is 75% of the leagues total annual revenue. In a 2004 lawsuit vs the NFL, the NFL attorney Gregg H. Levy argued that "the NFL is not a collection of 32 individual teams, but rather a single entity. And as long as the NFL teams are a unit, and they compete as a unit in the entertainment marketplace, then they should be deemed a single unit and not subject to any Anti-Trust laws."

There is only another "sports" organization that I can think of that follows this, the WWE. Levy also argued that the league markets its products and merchandise as a whole to promote the NFL as a whole. These arguments led all the way to lockout during the 2011 offseason. The league would still earn $5 Billion in revenue, even without a single game being played.

Professional sports is the only industry without ANY federal oversight. Therefore the league can do and go as they see fit, this is something the players were concerned about going into the lockout, the NFL players themselves sought help from US Congress asking for oversight of the NFL. And NFL players wanted an explanation as to why the NFL owners were granted an Anti-Trust exemption in the first place. They didn't get it.

The NFL proved in this lawsuit that they see themselves as a single unit in the "entertainment" industry and the unique league revenue sharing strategy is not common amongst professional sports leagues


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