Head to Head: Who has the edge in the Western Semi-Final?

The Dickenson brothers will one again have to lock minds in 2021 for the opportunity to upset Winnipeg and chase their Grey Cup dreams. Could this CFL season story be told properly without a fourth and final matchup between the Riders and Stamps? Maybe, but I wouldn’t want it any other way, especially after the way their regular-season matchups played out.

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@Mrstallion care to tell us who may have the edge :wink:


So in other words, Calgary is better

The problem for Calgary is that they are starting the wrong quarterback. Right now Maier is the better choice.


Nah, let Boverrated start.

More entertaining watching his dumb face frown. Plus, Riders have the best chance to knock out the Bombers.

I'd love to have the Riders (and especially their fans) to THF!

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The problem for the riders is they don't have a legitimate starting QB.

Hamilton have to beat the als first who are not an easy foe. They also have given Hamilton the most challenges since Tim hortons fields has opened. Add that the Argos at Toronto are arguably the best team in the league. But when actually comparing Saskatchewan to Calgary everything is correct except QB. Unless maier starts, you won’t tell me with a straight face that a QB with more turnovers than td is better than Cody. Despite Cody flaws he has more td a better completion percentage e. He has clearly been better than bo which is why bo has more int than td this season. Running game stamps have the edged imo. Oline Calgary by far. Receivers Saskatchewan but it is close but still Saskatchewan. The rest is all correct. If we also go by head to head bo was not the reason for their wins. He threw 4 td and 6 interceptions. Now the riders are healthier which will change how it goes, since every game was a one score game despite Calgary being healthy the game will be super super even. Add that Cody has thrown less int so the game will be super close and should be a spectacle. I don’t think tho that any of these teams will come close to Winnipeg at Winnipeg which is almost impossible to win their. While playing against the best offensive and defensive team in the game.

Could be right and I'm really not a fan of either club (probably prefer Calgary) but just offering an opinion that Calgary has a better chance of winning right now with Maier.

Can’t argue with Ferguson on the breakdowns. As a Rider fan I am nervous about this game. BLM could go off on a big game but if I were coach he would have a very short leash. Maier looks to have all the tools to get the job done.

Cody has to get that deep ball going with some regularity for me to feel confident. Just can’t count out Calgary (as much as I would love to see them get destroyed).

Peg will be waiting just hoping for these two to beat the crap out of each other. I do think the Riders have a better shot at knocking off the BB but gotta slay the this dragon first.

Did you seriously forget Micah Johnson???

I am beating a dead horse here, but, one area of serious issue with the Riders and it has deceived the writers analysis of Cody Fajardo and William Powell and the receivers. That is this: The Riders Offensive line has under performed...or maybe they really are this bad!? This group has made Fajardo, Powell look average, eliminated the receivers from being a factor and made for poor statistics and kept the Riders from winning more than 9 games this season. I agree that the Stamps are very slim favourites based solely on the fact that the Rider O line can not protect Fajardo or block for Powell like an average playoff team O line needs to. "IF" that changes Sunday, the Riders will win. Right now....no reason to believe it will change. Stamps 20- 17. My guess is, if the Riders win on Sunday it will be due to the coaching staff ability to spread out blocking responsibilities to additional players not on the O line. If Fajardo gets time close to what Mitchel typically gets the Riders will win...I am not counting on it.

Agree. They are not where they would like to be. Considering that they're a young group (which according to one poster on this forum is a virtue to be admired so long as they wear red and white, but merely makes any other team inferior) they are far from awful, but the o-line is definitely the Riders' weak spot coming into the playoffs. I don't think it is quite so big an issue in pass protection considering Fajardo's mobility (although it's still an issue) as it is in the running game. Saskatchewan has not been able to run the ball when needed this year. Powell himself I think has been fine.

I think that the place-kickers are a wash but Sask has a bit better punter. I like Sask's special teams, their return game is definitely a shade better and both teams have covered well all year.

As far as receiving corps, Sask is more consistent and has more depth yet Calgary's guys definitely have come up with more big plays. Guys like Hakunavanhu, Hunchak and Bane are only good for 2 or 3 catches a game but often they are big plays.

The fact that Fajardo has to run for his life, early in his drop in many circumstances is effecting his ability to be accurate and forcing receivers to break the route, throwing off the timing of a play. I feel it is a real big problem. I will point out, if the O-Line plays to the level they have been playing with and the Stamps do not contain Fajardo on the edges could also prove to be a factor in favour of the Riders. That said, bad blocking does not typically transfer into wins!
But, if Fajardo does win due to his scrambling ability, he would face WJ in Winnipeg the following week, he will put a quick end to that. Winnipeg-Hamilton GC. Game in Regina will almost certainly be of little consequence. Still a good rivalry and it will be a good game...west final, not so much.

I absolutely agree with your post. I just mean I'd rather have the Riders fans representing the West at Grey Cup, which many of us already have tickets for. I love the fanbase.

Now of course I want to the Cats in from the East, but know we have a big hill to climb.

In my opinion the ticats are the clear favourites for this match vs mtl. But if there is any team that can beat Hamilton at Hamilton it would be Montreal. Hamilton look human when mtl visit Hamilton. I never know why but they just do. I of course will root against the ticats since I am an als fan. But good luck to Hamilton in that game.

I expect a close game between Calgary and Sask. The weather is supposed to be decent so won't favour either team. If the weather turns nasty Calgary's stronger run game would favour them.

I don't understand on what basis some say Sask has a better chance against Winnipeg than Calgary. Sask got blown out both times they played Winnipeg and Winnipeg only had a one point advantage over two games against Calgary and Calgary came ever so close to winning the first game in Winnipeg as well.

The long range forecast, for what it's worth, is calling for nasty weather for the western final. If that is the case I think Winnipeg's run game would make them even greater favourites although if the weather is miserable enough it also can have the effect of leveling the playing field.

I expect we'll see some entertaining football this weekend. If Bo is hot like he can be I think Calgary will run away with the game. If he is not sharp the advantage goes to Sask.

Calgary nearly beat us earlier in the season with Maier starting. Only a missed FG preserved the win. We don't want to face Calgary here in the 'Peg unless BLM is under centre. He's guy our defense can keep glued to the turf. Maier is way too elusive for my liking.

If Saskatchewan shows up we'll have to make yet another deal with the goalposts to block any last minute comeback tosses from Fajardo. I hope it doesn't involve any weird midnight rituals this time. It's too cold outside to be running around naked in the endzone chanting clever words with many syllables. :grimacing:

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Who's Mitchell Reilly?

Pack the house Riders. I want yet something else to gloat about when you all show up here, unfortunately, again, drunk and stupid as ever, because you couldn't leave your province fast enough. Bombers next. (You all will recall at 2-5 I said we'll be at the dance... Well, we've gone 6-1 since then, and we didn't beat Edm 3X and BC 2X, right Bombers.)

Stumps will get flattened. Bo will throw another 3 picks to add to his total. Mosaic will be rocking!

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