Head to Head: Who has the edge in the Western Final?

The BC Lions will travel to IG Field to faceoff with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in the Western Final.

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It is Year of water Tiger! But the Ti Cats did not win but the cat family from West coast will beat the very lucky Bombers who should not have edged Ti cats last year. Lions have momentum, roaring fans and the Canadian angle. Coach Campbell does not get the luck of Bombers but turned things around after only 2 years.
Lions will roar and roar.
Bomber will not soar.
And Nate will be really great.
Bombers lose by more than eight.
Lions will be going to the big game.
The Grey Cup from Argos they will claim


Get your head out of your ass.
Quit smoking all that grass.
The Bombers will kick your bum,
No more dope go drink some rum.


Well done you two!

O'Shea has been waiting to show why he rocks the beard. Snow, cold, and playoffs baby.


maybe in shorts too!

The Bombers play mistake free football this Sunday and win by 20, they throw in 6 turnovers like last year's WF they'll only win by 6.

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BC is a great team, and anything can happen, but.....
You'd have to really think hard to make anycase for BC having the edge in this game, that goes to the team that has been there, done that and has had only 1 goal all year.
Honestly I think most Bomber fans purrfurred this match up, as the Stamps probably would have been the tougher opponent.

Agree with you up to the point where you say Calgary is the better team and that Bomber fans preferred this match up as a result. Calgary clearly isn’t the better team but I did prefer this match up because I wanted the Bombers to play (and hopefully beat) the best available opposition. Too bad this game isn’t the Grey Cup.


that's such bullshit because the Lions won by 14 points and were very clearly the better team this year.


Euh maybe the stamps match up better against Winnipeg but they are definitely not better than the lions this year. Before this game bc had a 2-1 head to head advantage and were missing their best player in two of these games. In a game were rourke was like 50% healthy they beat Calgary in a pretty easy fashion last week. While yes Calgary may have been more competitive against the bombers this year than bc, I also have to add that in two of these games bombers were testing their guy and in one of the these games bc were resting their guys. The only time they both played at peak strength was very early in the year. Maybe the stamps are a better matchup but they are not a better team than the lions as it has been shown throughout the season when they played against each other and in last week game in which rourke at 50% of his abilities was playing on rookie mode for most of it.

Imo the edge for each position are this
QB if rourke looks healthy he has the clear edge if not zach has a slight advantage
Running back BC but it is very very close
Receivers Winnipeg but again very close
Oline Winnipeg by a decent margin
Dline Winnipeg again
Linebackers again the bombers
Secondary BC
Return game Winnipeg
Kicking game BC
Coaching Winnipeg
I think the final score will be Winnipeg winning by 11 points and making their third straight grey cup.

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Clear edge for Rourke if he's healthy? Not a chance. At running back Oliveira is the best in the league at this point of the season, so advantage Bombers again. Even the secondary for BC is questionable, they played well this season until they met the Bombers where they were torched in all 3 games. As stated earlier, the Bombers don't turn over the ball... they win by 20+. They keep BC in the game with turnovers, they win by 6.

Settle down, no need to get your knickers bunched.

1st, I prefaced it by saying the Lions are a great team, there was no disrespect there.
2nd, many teams can stack up better against another team, regardless of record. I think most fans can see/say that the Stamps have a better run game which is more suited to a cold, hostile environment on the road.
3rd, the Stamps played the Bombers closer than the Lions did.
I'd also say that the Stamps have the better coaching for those situations.

Now, all that said - anything can happen on any given Sunday. But the Lions will need to hit some magic to pull off the upset.

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Bombers have the edge,
Until they don't

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That could come in a few days, but I think the legend keeps building.....

…I would agree NR is not ready for the position of Prime Minister of Canada…

…as a QB tho, he’s shown he’s more than just ready, he’s capable too…

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Is he ready for a West Final on the road in front of a rowdy crowd?
Talent is always good, but I think nothing replaces experience in those situations.