Head to Head: Who has the edge in the Western Final?

That’s cool. I am waiting with anticipation like everyone else.

It's not going to be anywhere to close, a blowout of untold dimensions

That is very funny.... Is at least some renditions of uprights for the kicker too.... I wonder if we have to explain this anyone😃

…didn’t this happen for real a few years ago? Not the uprights thing but a freshly painted visitors locker room, like the night before the game so it absolutely stunk on game day…seem to recall that

The Riders special teams will come up big and defense holds the Bombers to 17 points.

Don't think this will be a blow out.

It won't be a shellacking. Low scoring probably down to the wire like the semi final


Holding the Bombers to 17 points is not only highly unlikely but bordering on delusional.


I'm a Rider fan (after my home town Lions) but this is not going to be close. I like the enthusiasm of the Rider posters, but be serious, this will be a blowout! The Bombers have had nothing to play for since week 8... they were putting in an effort with no meaning just to get to the play-offs. That effort wasn't about winning more games, but more about correcting weaknesses in their team play, and building a better all around game plan.
Ex Lions (Bighill and Harris) are going to have the games of their lives here!
In a game that is just a stepping stone for them to win the cup, they won't be overconfident, they'll just be hungry to wipe away the obstacle in their way to the big game. And will win that as well.
There are 3 tiers to this league now. 2nd Div (the bottom 3 teams); 1st div. (the middle 5 teams); and Premier (the top 1 team ).
I'm not a Bomber fan in the least, but they are so superior it's pathetic!

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Unlikely sure, but more likely to hold them under 20 than to score 25 against them.

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Held them to 23 on a warm summer day. Doubt it'll be an offensive explosion.

The Riders d will keep them in it

Better this comes from a non Bomber fan than appearing to be braggadocio from a Bomber fan.

The Rider fans have been pretty reasonable in their posts if you ask me. Some say it will be close. Some hope it will be close. Different than the crazy positions pre game last week by some.

Bomber fans and Rider fans are cut from the same cloth and party together, although a few football and tractor jabs are always part of the exchange.

My buddy and I met the legendary Rider fan, The Flame, or Sandy Monteith, at of all things a Jets game in the ‘90’s and had a blast with his comped Molson products. I remember he was pissed because the fire marshalls wouldn’t let him set off his flame inside the Winnipeg Arena. I still have a signed picture of him ( no selfies back then). Can anyone tell me if he is still around?

Except only kicking--and not punting--was noted. As well, nothing much if anything said about punt/kick-cover teams? That area turned out to be a significant factor in the semi-final...

We’ve been enjoying +7 temps in Winnipeg today. Too bad it will cool off a bit for Sunday. Forecast remains -7 high and dropping to -15 in the evening. Not ideal but could be worse.

This is very similar to 1989. Esks finished 16-2. The Sk Huskies were in the Vanier Cup as they are this year. The odds are so heavily favouring Winnipeg I am not sure the Riders should even bother with playing the game...I felt the same way in 89.

I LOVE Rider Fans (just not in my stadium :wink: )... they are the best in the country of any sport! Not knocking them per se, and my comments were not just from the thread here, but people at work, and friends etc.
I like that they "think" there's a chance... "IF"... but seriously, like the article states, they have only one are of the game they have an edge in (and I don't really believe that either... the writer was trying to be nice). And they'll be lucky to get to use that edge... they have to get into the Bombers 45 to even have a chance with that edge.

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My friend asked his girl friend, now wife to marry him. She said "you would have to be the last man on earth for me to say yes". So he said,"your saying their is a chance"? Go Riders!

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I think there was a better chance of Marriage than the rider beating Winterpeg.... but I'll give you that 1 in a 4 billion chance... :pensive: :pinching_hand:

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4 billion? Hey that's my lucky number!

"Doesn't help me at playing craps though. Come onnn 4 billion. Damn ... 7 ... again ..." - Mitch Hedberg.

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Like all those close games against the Elks the Riders won?

If the Bombers come with their "A" game, this will be another hammer job like the two prior games this season. Sask just does not have the horses to compete. Too may bad penalties and/or turnovers only way Sask can hang tough.