Head to Head: Who has the edge in the Eastern Semi-Final?

The 2022 CFL regular season is officially in the review and the playoffs are on the horizon with the Montreal Alouettes set to host the Hamilton Tiger-Cats for the Eastern Semi-Final from Percival Molson Memorial Stadium this Sunday.

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If I was a betting guy, (which I am not) my dollar would be on the Ticats. The Ticats have risen lately and been more consistent. Maybe it seems that way because of their respective opponents but that is my humble opinion. The Als Coach really has not the experience (in the CFL) that Hamilton has. Some of the success will come depending upon who is under center for the Cats, and the discipline the rest of the team show.

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Agreed. I think the Ti-Cats are more likely to win, and not just because I'll be cheering for them.