Head to Head: Who has the edge in the Eastern Semi-Final?

If you ask anyone who the best team in the CFL’s East Division is as we begin the playoffs and they confidently give you one team and one team only, they are either lying to you or the blinders of playoff football fandom have taken hold.

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well i bet Montreal + 4.5 and Calgary #3

It was Cariel Brooks that made the retirement of Delvin Breaux a lot easier. Desmond just filled in after the injury to Frankie Williams and Williams was a great defensive back who is missed. Brooks, Williams, Rolle, and Adeleke were the elite unit that thwarted the completion of throws of all teams.

I'm a Cat fan - Hamilton by 18 - no doubt about it, the Tiger has awakened!

I certainly agree. Toronto won the most games but did not dominate as the best team. In 2 of their games opposing teams missed 3! makeable field goals. So in my books, a 7-7 team. Same as Montreal. Montreal meanwhile, leading entire league in many offensive categories, and near top in many defensive measures had to get real stupid, sloppy and undisciplined to settle for 7-7. Hamilton meanwhile has best run-stoppers in the east which might blunt Montreal's league-leading rushing. Stanback averaged 2 yards less/carry vs Hamilton than his overall season average. A great defence all-round. I agree with Marshall that all teams in the East should be taken seriously. If Montreal plays smart, and with 3 OL returning from injury, + Gagnon still uncertain, and Mario Alford back in the lineup, Als could surprise. But stupid penalties and turnovers... Anyway the East playoffs are the best balanced ever and I look forward to the games.