Head to Head: Who has the edge in the Eastern Final?

After defeating the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in front of a passionate home crowd at Percival Molson Stadium, the Montreal Alouettes will travel to BMO Field for a meeting with the Toronto Argonauts.

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Re the comparison of QBS:
While I generally find Ferguson quarterback analyses interesting and sometimes informative, I lost the track of his argument in this case . Bethel Thompson does well between the hashes. Harris has had a better completion percentage - but Ferguson does not tell us where Harris does well. Or why long balls to Toronto receivers are potentially more dangerous than long balls to Montreal ones.
In short, I would argue that Harris is more consistent, more accurate, and generally gets the ball out faster than Bethel Thompson.
A key part of Ferguson's argument in this section on QBs is that he thinks the Toronto defense will play well against Harris. Its fine to compare defensive backfields - as a separate argument. With respect to defenses, I agree that Montreal's man to man defense can sometimes be porous.

Nice post. Harris works the underneath and low intermediate parts of the field almost exclusively (and to his credit he does it well). Mostly to the outside, though that has changed a bit in recent weeks as he seems to be finding chemistry with Wieneke between the hash marks. Ferguson has talked about Harris's short-passing tendencies a lot in other articles. I think he is assuming a bit of prior knowledge of his QB analyses this season, which explains some of the holes in his post that you pointed out.

The reason MBT is a bigger threat in the long passing game is because he throws a better deep ball than Harris, who doesn't really have the arm for it at this stage in his career. Harris will take the occasional shot downfield to keep defenses honest, but neither he nor his OC (Anthony Calvillo) will live on those types of balls. Short or intermediate passes, mostly to the outside, mixed with a healthy dose of Walter Fletcher and William Stanback on the ground -- that's the Montreal attack.

MacBeth is unreliable and basically Sucks.
I am an ARGOS fan = but I think in the end MacBeth will sink the ship.

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