Head to Head: Who has the edge in the 110th Grey Cup?

The matchup for this Sunday’s 110th Grey Cup is set.

While it might not be exactly what most expected with Montreal’s stunning upset of the Toronto Argonauts at BMO Field in the Eastern Final, there is no questioning the worthiness of these two clubs based on their journey to the final game of the season.

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Throw out all the regular season stats and I’d say these two teams are fairly evenly matched… Montreal has some momentum and a underdog chip on their shoulder, and the bombers I’m sure would like to get rid of the bad taste in their mouth from last year‘s 1 point loss where a lot of us Bomber fans figured they should’ve won that game… if defenses indeed do win championships and with these two teams being among the best in the league it should be a classic… my wish is for a good clean game, no injuries and fair officiating… I will be cheering hard for the blue and gold


Mtl fan here right up. Amazed they are in the Final given lack of ownership, lost stars to free agency, new QB, new Coach, and lost White Jr., Ellingson, Grant and their number 1 kick returner all this year. So proud of them! Certainly underdogs but their is not quit in this team and the defence is outstanding. For a team that hasn’t had an offensive upsurge, maybe they are due. Sure would be nice to have a Cup back in Mtl after 14 years and I live in Ontario.


What you say is correct and your team has had a remarkable year given what they were up against and how things looked prior to the season.

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An ‘offensive upsurge’? From that group?! Fugget about it. It’s a lucky thing for Montreal that Winnipeg’s arial attack is flopping around on the ground like road kill with Schoen, Demski, McCrae and Bailey in gimp mode. Maybe they’ll be game time decisions. Who knows?

Gadzooks maybe we’re gonna see a good old fashioned run-it-down-their-throats Grey Cup for a change. Time to dust off those leather helmets.

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Marshall, Marshall, Marshall. You did great this time. Montreal brings a lot of intrigue. I don’t think Cody Fajardo has the throwing arm or the scampering ability to beat the Bomber pass coverage or the Jackson Jeffcoat/Willie Jefferson dynamo. The Al’s pass coverage might very well stymy Zach Collaros. This leaves the run game in which Oliveira has a significant advantage over the Stanback/Antwi tag team. With Brady healthy, I think this will be the game changer. Advantage=Winnipeg. But why no mention of Kenny Lawler???

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Shhh. Until they notice him Kenny Lawler can remain invisible. He’ll be the Bomber wearing the tropical plant on his head. It’s a brilliant cover.

Has there ever been a finals matchup in recent years were one team is clearly ahead of the other team in most if not all positions.

Like even in the position mtl are ahead you can very much make a good argument thé bombers beat them in that spot.