Head to Head Tackles

Time to get tough on Head to Head Tackles. Replays should be reviewed for illegal Tackles on any play where an injury occurs. The penalty for Head to Head Tackles should be more than a few yards including expulsion from the game and fines. Where’s the disincentive for taking out the quarterback with a cheap headshot if they aren’t going to get called on the penalty and heavily penalized. Injuries will always occur in Football but it’s time to lookout for our players. The long term effects of concussions can end the career of a football player but can also impact the physical and mental health of a player long after their football career ends.

I would agree with more sever penalties. I would suggest that if you are penalized for an unnecessary roughness penalty that causes an injury (to ANY player), that the yardage penalty remains the same, BUT the penalized player is not allowed back until the injured player is okay to play again. This would be self regulating. If the injury is minor, the penalized player will only be out for 3 plays, the same as the injured player. If it causes a concussion or similar and the injured player is out for 6 games, the penalized player is out for the same. Players will think twice about dangerous hits or tackles.

It’s time we have a penalty box in football. Head shots on QB = player expulsion and fine + guilty partys team plays one man short for 5 minutes. If offence occurs within less than 5 minutes remaining in regulation time, double the fine and suspend the goon one game.

You do know that he cannot unilaterally change the rules? It has to be voted on by the rules committee

For head shots it should be an escalating scale and not yearly but lifetime, and of course once reviewed and deemed to be reckless. Reckless does not require proving intent…

First offense if player not injured - 25% game pay
Second no injury 50% game pay
Third with no injury 1 game suspension
Each additional suspension in this category adds an additional game suspension

If the head shot results in an injury that takes a player out

First offence - 1 game suspension
Second offence - 3 games
Third offence - 6 games
Fourth offence - indeffinante suspension to be reviewed after 12 months.

On injury all player saftey hits should be reviewed in game. Hits not resulting in injury should remain as they are currently and subject to after game review

Any player injured still needs to come out for 3 plays and clear embellishment needs to be subject to suplimentry discipline

If a player has 3 or more reckless head shots they are called for and upheld on review … they should be facing sanctions that could threaten their employment. Yet still allowes for correcting thier actions after the first 2 times

Why not just go straight to the firing squad and be done with it

On one side you have do nothing and the other side your suggestion of executing them.

I prefer a middle approach that is clear in its definition and consistent in its application.
Look at the NHL 3rd man in rule of minimum 10 games. That rule has the desired effect and it’s very rare that people will risk violating it.

The cfl needs to be clear and up front. They need to acknowledge that football is controlled violence and players make mistakes in the heat of the moment.
My sliding scale suggestion is to deal with repeat offenders.

The current practise is clearly not acting as a deterrent that will have the results needed.

What then is your suggestion ?

...you cannot say the current practise is clearly not acting as a deterrent and then make the statement above...FWIW I agree with your statement above, and guys will continue to make mistakes because of the environment you've noted above...in fact, because of the situational environment you've described above you could probably make the penalty automatic execution by firing squad and a player will still break the rule, because it is violent, fast and often on the razor's edge of control...in other words, make the penalty whatever you want it to be and this situation is still going to occur, for the very reasons you've outlined above...

....I haven't seen anything in writing yet but I'll bet Jeffcoat is probably embarrassed about his hit today and wondering what repercussions are coming his way...

The nhl 3rd man in rule is well known and has the desired effect of deterrent. What is the clear CFL rule and consequence for head shots ?

Thats the problem … it’s no clear and consistent which are 2 needed principles for punishment to act as a dettterent in my opinion

I like that idea, send him to the penalty box, and the team plays a man short for 2 minutes or 5, depending on the severity of the penalty. That’s innovative for football.

He had the beer celly changed quick

Are the rules not clear now?

Enforcement is another matter I suppose.


Actually, at one time, before the game became really Americanised, teams would have to play a man short if a player was given a major penalty. From what I read, they didn’t have to lose that specific position, just play a man short (for however long) and usually played with one less lineman position.

That’s one thing I did not know

Some think this is a joke, others the other end, point is, cheap head shots take players out of games for a period of time, maybe a career, We had 2 in the last 2 games, if it was your QB’s maybe some would talk different crap. I don’t like to see any player hurt for any reason, regardless of team. Filling hurt player spots are pretty easy, unless it’s a QB, and without Good QB’s this game gets boring quick. Not to mention hard to find great QB’s. We need tougher penalties for this kind of play and command center need to also be involved. I also think if a play is challenged and won, that coach gets his challenge back. If lost he’s done that game. I hate seeing missed and bad calls, yes I know it will always happen, so lets fix it some. I also don’t get when a player is damn near out cold and no penalty flag thrown, maybe ref’s should take a second look. Yes some will get missed But Proulx’s miss at BC game right in his face and not called he needs to be discipled as well we all know how bad he is!! Also if fines/suspension’s where way tougher maybe players would think a tad more as they go to hit a player high. This really needs to get fixed before next season.

And if it was not yours…you would talk different crap. Its just human nature…People are all gung ho for change until its their player that’s fined
Then they are taking collections to pay the fine for him

Ridiculous accusation! Storm Rider stated his position in his post." I don’t like to see any player hurt for any reason, regardless of team." What evidence do you have he is not being truthful? Do you post just to hear yourself?