Head shots

Wow, just watched Reilly take yet another un-penalized helmet in the mouth, this one costing Edmonton the chance to tie.
I'm not a Maas fan but I'd be all in favour of him launching another CFL headset when he has to stand there and take that crap.
All this CFL league talk about protecting the players? WTF. That un-called drilling in the same week we eliminate pad practises to reduce the risk of player injury?!?

Yes it was a missed call but the EE got outplayed badly by a horrible Argos team. Five straight loses and you gotta be concerned now with BC and Sask breathing down their necks for a playoff spot.

As a Bomber fan I don't mind Edmo loosing to an Eastern Team; as a CFL fan I'm continually dissapointed by the missed calls/chintzy made calls, that the league offers up.

The "Command Centre" can send Reilly out of the game for fear of a concussion that may/may not have been caused by a missed call that The Command Centre can't call.

And then penalize the Head Coach for being P. O.'d about it??

Terrible on The League.

Love Edmonton going down to their 5th straight L - but if there ever was a warning shot to Mik O'Shea & his Irish Bombers that was it. Don't get too cocky or wear hats your head can't cover!

Maas is a despicable CFL character but he got cheated today by 2 things: 1. He had no challenges left on his plate and 2. Reilly was head-mooked by the Toronto blitzer (great defensive call btw)

If anyone can take a vicious head shot like that its The Mad Hatter. He seems to have the body chemistry to absorb vast amounts of punishment without consequence.

Other thing that was obvious today - Ricky Ray was The Tricky One for 50+ minutes but completely ran out of gas last 10 minutes. Looked like a terrified rookie last few minutes and seemed like he wanted to hand Reilly the W cuz he liked his hats!

Just saw an ugly hit to the head in the BC / Calgary game. Hate that the game is so violent but it is what it is.

I was at the game and sitting on the goal line at that end of the field and live at full speed it didn't look bad. Saw two replays of the sack when I got home, one looked like helmet to helmet one didn't. Not saying it wasn't, but it definitely wasn't "vicious".

Edmonton got beat by a team that played better for three quarters, a better D, an offense that finally figured out they are allowed to run the ball yet did almost everything they could to give them the win in the 4th. Eskies have no one to blame but themselves. A 19 point lead with 11:30 to go is not safe in the CFL but the Argos handed them possession and field position and Edmonton didn't take advantage.

Maas may have had a right to get pissed about the helmet to helmet to hit, but both challenges were called correctly by the CC(shockingly) and Maas' was clearly fishing when you watch the replay.

James Wilder beat Edmonton fair and square.

Great for you going and supporting the Argoooos.

Good job Argos and thanks for beating the EE.

Argos, no doubt have some things to improve, but IMO will finish in first place.

As for the subject thread, vicious or not , head shots are scary and hate to see them.

Not just for the guy taking the hit, the guy giving them.

Definitely not why they lost...but you still hate to see it like that

Eye in the sky my arse...this was one I asked in that question thread. Coincidentally, I noticed the EITS being involved on multiple plays in the first 3 games this weekend

A few Esks friends are blaming this one entirely on officiating...I was like 'not PI' which didnt sit well lol...but from what I saw it wasnt...officiating did them no favors though for sure.

I know people like to say 'no excuses' and 'next man up' but that will only take you so far. I always felt the Esks depth was going to be an issue this season...starter for starter when healthy perhaps the best in the CFL...that said their depth wen way way further than I thought it would...it eventually hits a bursting point though. There is a difference between an excuses and a reason...and a big reason factoring into this skid is just that...injuries.

Also....did it seem like a lot of players tuned Maas out when he snapped at the end? Perhaps reading into that...but not good. He is a good coach, but he needs to learn to chill. Eventually a ref is going to come undone on him and toss him. Nobody deserves to be yelled at like that. If...IF....the Esks are getting calls less favorable...hmm...wonder why. Human nature eventually says "F U" back when a marginal decision needs made.

Missed FG's, allowing Wilder to run for 190 yards, Jackson returning a missed FG for a TD.
I would lean more towards these being the EE's downfall in this one.

Wilde running for 190 yards, Jackson returning a missed FG for a TD, missed FG's. Think these had a hand in EE's outcome along with the non head shot.

For sure. It was pissed off fans in a foul mood. It happens. Unfortunately, I made the decision to be unbiased with them at that time lol. Sometimes you just need to let people be pissed off...but when season ticket holders are saying they are done with the CFL and such because of some calls (right or not) it is hard to bight your tongue. Missing calls is an unfortunate reality of the game...they were saying 'we want all of the challenges back' but the reality is that obsession level people think that while the more casual fan predominantly needs good flow and to not have enthusiasm curbed waiting for a flag. Of note...I don't think the Esks have won since the challenge change. Not saying that was the driver of their success...but Maas was a leading contributor to a change needing to be made so it was a contributor on some level...that is no knock...he saw opportunity and jumped on it and the couple coaches that didn't were fools....good coaches do that.

His attempt on the PI challenge was one that people were really pissed on....me saying if he didn't do that on a marginal at best fishing trip I guess that head contact would have been caught...didn't go over well lol. I was like....hey....just because it usually goes that way doesn't make it right...it was the right call. And the OPI set them off hard lol. Again screaming bloody murder and that it was 2 TDs it cost via reffing...I was like 'nope, that was pretty clear OPI and about time they start hitting Os up for it....and I hope they do more.' Again...didn't sit well. My timing was either really good or really bad, depending on how you look at it...perspective is everything.

Another guys said the refs had it out for the Esks. I said that I wasn't sure about that, but if I was a ref I would. They were a little stunned by that...then I explained that if a coach screamed and cursed at me 7 inches away from me with continual vulgarity and had inappropriate temper tantrums that yes...I would probably take the odd "iffy" call in a bias manner. It is not right...but I am honest...and I think most would do the same after so long...not after one freak out, but continual...eventually you are going to poke back the only way you can. Actually...maybe I take that back...because I would not have an issue giving bench fouls to a team/coach and tossing them if it was bad enough....after a stern warning and then a flag....then.... I think the league needs to send a warning to all teams, then start cracking down on the few (ok...couple with Austin gone) examples of this.

You could be right about the refs and "ify" calls. Only human given you have just had a strip taken off you in front of thousands of people in the stadium (never mind on tv) then follow that up with the throwing of the headset.
Does Maas have a reason to be upset. Sure. But the way he went about it probably did him no favors amongst the refereeing crews. Right or wrong.

His kicker certainly dd him no favors nor his d that could not stop the run.

Hey at 7-5, I can only dream of the Als having that record this season.

Agreed, they did not quit.

I'd say that's a very fair assessment moses. Of course Maas should stand up for his qb just like a manager in baseball going out to yell at the ump when his batter is peeved off at the ump about getting struck out looking on a questionable strike. You expect nothing less from a field boss.

If you say you are "done with the CFL because of poor officiating" then good luck enjoying all the other sports out there. Fans in every sport complain about this, including the NFL.

As a hockey official I can tell you NO official has it out for a team. That is wrong without exception and any official who did should be fired. However, Maas' outburst have without a doubt affected the Eskies. When it comes to the close calls an official has to make a quick decision as to which way to go and I guarantee you Jason Maas and the Eskimos are not getting the definite of the doubt on any close calls.

Everyone let's their emotions get the better of them from time to time but with coaches like Maas they gain a reputation since it happens almost every time things aren't going their way and it does affect an officials judgement on the rally close calls.

Example; that looked like a helmet to helmet but I'm only 99% sure, ere on the side of cation in most cases but for Maas I'm not 100% so no penalty. This is not a conscious decision as that entire thought process happened in about half a second.

As for his challenges Maas is not the worst in the league for fishing and considering the situation and time of the game it wasn't a bad challenge. What made it a waste was deciding so quickly. Had he let the booth look at a replay first I doubt he would have challenged because there was absolutely no PI (O or D) on that play. Again he lets his emotions control his decisions and it cost him.

I thought the difference in the game was 2 missed FG. They had the distance and should have been 3 points. Instead they get a single and give up a TD on a return. Take away Torontos TD and give Edmonton 5 points for the FGs and instead of 34-15 with 11:30 to go for the Argos it's 27-20 for the Argos. Much different 4th quarter and likely result.

In my mind there is no question that Maas' behavior is costing him and his team as moses has pointed out well They are an undisciplined group.

Their record is where it should be. Their 7-0 record was an aberration as they had a soft sked. I suggested several weeks ago they would be overtaken by Sask and have to fight for the crossover. We'll see.

They have a lot of money tied up in a few guys. That catches up to a team.

I think Benevides will be gone next year, replaced by Thorpe. If they can lock up Derel Walker, Bowman will be gone as well. ( sorry...just realized this is far removed from the topic of head shots)

...hopefully someone (Wally) has a little sit down with Awe the Headhunter this morning, little facts-of-life chat...