Head shots targeting

Head shots how many more must players take before CFL starts to get serious. These targeting head shots were defenders are using spearing techniques with there helmets should result in suspensions!!! The CFL is leaving itself wide open for lawsuits that will happen sooner than later. The multiple head shots in the thanksgiving CFL matchup between Ottawa and Montreal are sickening and resulted in another player knocked out. I have been a CFL fan for 45 years and love our game I don’t want our league to die but if something is not done about head shots then the CFL has no future


Players hurting another players feelings seems to be dealt with more harshly in this league


When they do it and get no penalty - they keep doing it. If we used replay to help the referee instead of judge him - by letting the off field guy spot and call that stuff, it would go away pretty quickly.

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Yup the league officiating team needs a lot of help with training on Headshots like the NFL. I am very concerned about lawsuits as the league might not be able absorb without great financial difficulty...

Although not specifically related to head shots, more brain injury in general I was saddened to read the following about my old schoolmate DL Rick Klassen, a BC Lions Dream Team member from the 1980's. He died of cancer in 2016.

From Wikipedia

"Klassen's family donated his brain to research and discovered that he had had "chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) in combination with dementia" and that it was "of the worst they've ever seen."


My dad had a stroke on my birthday(2020) and hit his head causing dementia too! his final months were in the hospital alone during the pandemic...he died by him- self....So, CTE was also something they had noticed because had been hit alot in his younger life...He was very physically active and very tough...old school John Wayne type...took a lot hits to the head...

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Condolences on your loss. I lost my mother this Jan. under somewhat similar circumstances. Fortunately, I was able to see her on her last day (by taking a Covid test, & donning gown, gloves, mask & shield).

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Well I'm happy you were able to do so because you don't want to know what it's like not to be with them in their last days...

Oh, I know that feeling well enough from Dad's passing. He was failing slowly but not yet moved to a hospice, so I went on a camping trip. He died unexpectantly before I could see him again. And yes, it's a not a good feeling.

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...additionally, any time they pull a player for a head injury - the play should automatically be reviewed. I love the way Rugby does it. Show it on stadium displays and the ref and video guy step through what happened.

When its on the spot and you eject people from the game at that point for dangerous hits it will be the quickest way to stop them.