Head shot on Bridge

That was a brutal hit!

That should result in an ejection and a suspension. How the mildest PI can be challenged but the command centre can’t review that is absurd.

Teams should retain their challenge if the first one is correct.

totally agree, and this is the second game in a row, our QB gets Helmet hit, and no call. This needs to be reviewed by command center on every hit of this nature. We won’t move on so our QB’s got all winter to recover.

Roughing the passer is reviewable...but SSK had no challenges left....cause everyone wanted to reduce challenges

I agree, 2 weeks in row, missed calls cost us a challenge!!

Yup. It seems silly to lose your challenge if you were correct.

I’m all for a suspension, keep him out of next weeks game

It frustrating and you can see with Jones that he has to burn a challenge for a horrible missed call.
I say we go back to one challenge per half and if successful you can still use again.

This goes beyond just one player … the cfl commissioner needs to show some leadership and hold officials accountable for not calling it in and administer discipline that actually means something

…you can’t call something you didn’t see…

Did you see the ref cam? His view was blocked

What was Proulx’s excuse against bc it was right in front of his face

Yes since we have reached an epidemic, I agree with you.
Make it public and call out the officials just like the players who are fined and it makes media.
Like I have said on another post, since we are now into the playoffs remove Vellesi and Proulx from any possibility of doing the games next week or even be considered for the GC.

You cannot let players block your view, you must adjust as an official and see contact on a QB…go towards the play.
I have officiated at a decent level years ago, and you never stand still as you must advance on the play and simply cannot be blocked out.
Not at this level…it’s simply not a justifiable excuse.

I don’t blame Velesi for not seeing that hit, because no matter where you stand you’re going to be blocked from parts of the field. But maybe the eye-in-the-sky should review the close calls. It would only take them a couple of seconds to signal to the ref that the hit was illegal, and they had plenty of time with Bridge lying flat.


You have got to be kidding

Why do I even bother?

I will give you the benefit of the doubt if you have indeed officiated in the past, but I have to give Valesi something of a reprieve here.

First, it is obvious from the ref cam (which will save Valesi from getting crucified online over this) that he was in no position to make that call.

Then, to your point, you can attempt to assign him blame for not being in position. On that play though, we had a scrambling QB surrounded by some of the biggest and fastest athletes in any sport swarming and circling around a QB who, as mentioned, was not static in his own right.

I'm a Bomber fan and I hated how that all played out. It taints the victory and on a personal level I feel nothing but terrible for Brandon Bridge. This is an unfortunate and completely obvious situation that was going to occur a handful of times when the league (at the fan's pointed insistence) lowered the amount of challenges from two to one.

Why the eye in the sky can't make this call though is beyond me. I think this needs to be looked at in the off season.


Not that it would’ve made a difference with the outcome of the game but those hits need to come out of the game somehow.

What got me was the bomber players taunting after the hit. Truly classless.

Clearly the message from the cfl is being disregarded. In the off season they need to address the disregard for the direction that the commissioner gave after the hit on zack.

The cflpa needs to step up as well and demand that the cfl does more and holds accountable players and officials that do not adhere to the leagues direction regarding hits like this.

The cfl has lost too many players to avoidable injuries that should not be part of the game

These hits should really be viewed by the eye in the sky.