Head of Wada calls CFL irresponsible, undermines CIS efforts

Not everyday the President of the World Anti-doping agency call an organization out like that.

"WADA believes that the CFL's anti-doping program is outdated and, quite frankly, irresponsible," said Howman. "We can't stand idly by while a so-called professional organization openly ignores drug-taking by college athletes and, in fact, welcomes them to the professional (ranks) with contracts, money and a 'promise' to educate them away from drug-taking.

“This essentially means that all the educational anti-doping work done at college level and below in Canada is undermined as those who flout the rules … (and) are rewarded with contracts by the CFL. We believe that clean athletes in sports across the world would be very disappointed to learn of this approach in Canada and that if the CFL respects clean athletes in its sport, they would support them by changing this attitude.”

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The issue we have as head coaches of the CIS is we are undermined by the CFL,? Faulds explained.

“Last year was a perfect example. A player tested positive and was drafted a few days later. This year, all five guys that [tested] positive were in CFL camps. If players are going to see that they are still going to get rewarded even after an infraction, that’s not good messaging.?

It will be interesting to see if the CFL takes any action with this issue.

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this topic is unique in that it involves comment from Wada.

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WADA needs to focus it's attention and resources to get the CFL and others in professional sport to the table to agree on a consensus guideline document. WADA's inability to make this happen speaks volumes about what actual power they have. WADA seems frustrated that they are really are not "in charge" and are simply using the CFL as an example to vent their frustrations. Quite frankly, it makes WADA look weak and vulnerable if they can't even get what many consider as a non-major league to get such a league to do what they want. I actually feel a bit sorry for WADA that they seem to lack the punch-power they seem to think that they automatically deserve to have simply because they exist.

Doesn't work like that WADA. You want respect, you have to earn it I say. That's how the rest of the world works actually. Puffing out your chest like a gorilla and going public to the press instead of really working and sitting down with partners, and that is your job WADA rather than spending your time on press releases and telling everybody "look at us and how important we are" doesn't cut the work-ethic mustard for many us.

WADA seems like a bit of joke really if they can't even get the CFL to act as they wish. The CFL has no obligation from any legal aspect to just bend down and kiss WADA's proverbial butt because "they are WADA afterall", at least from what I can tell.

WADA, get to work and off your butt.

Really? Dick Pound did it on a regular basis for the first 8 years of this organizations existence and often with no supporting evidence. With their track record nothing the WADA says can be taken seriously as it is tainted on face because of their horrible track record.

Good short read here:

Doping: Athletes’ lobby blasts WADA

The World Anti-Doping Agency needs a massive shake-up, with the Lance Armstrong case and a fresh scandal in Australia underscoring its failings, a global athletes’ lobby group said on Tuesday.
The Swiss-based UNI Sport PRO – an umbrella group of national and international sporting associations representing some 100,000 members worldwide – said WADA had fallen short in the 14 years since it was established.
“The Lance Armstrong doping scandal and the Australian Crime Commission investigations demonstrate the ineffectiveness of the current WADA testing regime,” it said.
“Armstrong was not caught through testing, despite being frequently tested.”

[url=http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/afp/130212/doping-athletes-lobby-blasts-wada]http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news ... lasts-wada[/url]

Why do you care if WADA gets the CFL to change?
You posted in another thread that athletes should be able to use PEDs freely.

To be perfectly honest, I don't really care since I am sure that pro sports is riddled with the use of PEDs even if other leagues and sporting bodies have suspended some athletes and are using the WADA code. Many athletes simply hire masking pros at a price, to hide what they are taking. If some athlete wants to juice up, I don't really care to be honest.

That being said, sure, easy to say no one should take PEDs for their health, athletes included although if it were me and I was a pro athlete concerned with making a team or making more money to be better, I'd probably take them. I had no chance of playing pro sport but if I did have a chance, I know I would have gone for the juice and tried to hide it and I'm sure I would have kept juicing to gain any advantage I had. I'm being honest.

Again, that being said, WADA does exist so let's all just play the game shall we and pretend. So I'm going to pretend and let's pretend that WADA really is important and a professional body. Then they should act professional. Or at least pretend to. 8)

It's a good discussion regardless if I don't really care who juices and who doesn't. It's like religion, I'm not really much of a religious person but I don't mind discussing issues surrounding religion once in a while. I think we all discuss things from time to time that aren't really of huge interest to us for various reasons. I just commented on Facebook to a friend who caught a big fish and congratulated him and wondered how long it took to reel in the fish even though I don't fish and don't have much interest in fishing.

Ok but suppose this. You and HfxTC are fighting for the last roster spot at camp and he’s clean. You get the job and he’s out of a paycheck and a dream and heads back home to frame houses or fix cars because you cheated.

And one should not kid themselves that players get accepted to a college program and suddenly start doping. The vast majority of pro athletes using PEDs started during high school, so one CAN argue that these are NOT adults making informed decisions, not to mention that while many TRY to debate that steroids aren’t really that bad for you, it is scientificly proven that steroids ARE bad for people going through puberty.

So even if HfxTC decided to START juicing the moment he got to pro camp and saw you with your unfair advantage, it would be too late to start since you’d already been doing it for 6 or 8 or 10 years - certainly at least before college.

THAT is why even if one doesn’t care what personal choices players make for their own bodies (yes I get that argument) one should STILL care about fair play in our game.

Fair game? Sorry, don't care, I want to make a pro team and make as much money as I can, I will do what I have to do to make it if I'm that close and continue to do what I have to do to keep on the team and perform to the best I can and make the most money. Even in high school I loaded up on ibuprofen and aspirin so I could play when I was hurt and I wasn't even that good. Maybe that was a blessing in disguise though that I wasn't good enough even for university sports or maybe lacked the motivation to try and make it with PEDs? :wink: I just wasn't close enough, no one was telling me put on 15 lbs and you'll make it. Not close enough.

Fair to me is what you can get away with and not get caught at least in terms of trying to win and be the best at money making sports. That's just who I am or who I think I would be. And I wouldn't be ashamed of it to tell you the truth. Pro sports is a business and me making the most money I can is business and I just know I would do PEDs as long as the chance of getting caught was very low.

And I don't care if Tom Brady had the footballs doctored. It's pro sports, you get the edge with something that benign and don't even think about it really. But you don't want to get caught. :wink:

The head of WADA can fuck off until they can come up with an HGH test worth ten cents instead of acting like they do now where they say they have an HGH test and it doesn’t catch anyone.

I don't know what that has to do with their comment about the CFL undermining the CIS and rewarding cheaters? Testing is a Cat and mouse game and will always be. Doping is an industry so is testing.

Michael Faulds is just playing the game here and wanting to look all nice and squeaking-boy clean. If he was a coach in the CFL or a player, he wouldn’t be saying what he said as below IMHO. He’d be shutting his trap. He’s probably pissed because no one has offered him a job in the CFL, wouldn’t surprise me:

Faulds is concerned by the lax regulation at the CFL level sending contradicting messages to players looking to turn pro after university. “The issue we have as head coaches of the CIS is we are undermined by the CFL,? Faulds explained.
[url=http://www.thecord.ca/performance-drugs-still-a-problem/#sthash.5ypM5X2f.dpuf]http://www.thecord.ca/performance-drugs ... M5X2f.dpuf[/url]

My point is that with WADAs history (Dick Pound was their president for 8 years while making his unfounded accussations) they have no credibility.

Pounds point of view is that doping is unfair. Boo hoo. Should we penalize atheletes that are born bigger and stronger than others, that use a superior diet, that develop new training methods that other don’t? No. Why we should ban doping is the health risk to atheletes. No one should have to risk thier long term health before they have stepped on the field. Pound is an attention whore who is bitter that his ameteur career was not more successful. Again, boo hoo. His overzealousness and baseless accussations stripped WADA of any credibility.