Head of US Scouting

I know this is going to sound sacrilegious to some but do you think our head of US Scouting is up to it..

Ya..I know it's Danny Mac and we all thought he was a great QB...but....

If you review what has been our consistent shortfall...defensive line...and flowing from that we find linebackers and d backs...a quick analysis will show we are no better at d line than we were when the Caretaker took over..

So you play with the hand you're dealt with.. But who decides the cards you get...

Of course it also depends how much money is in the piggyback for Danny Mac to play with ....

Thoughts anyone? I counted 72 defensive linemen brought through training camp and season in the last two years alone...

    1. 100%. Nailed it completely. :thup: :thup: :thup:

I think scouting is big issue. Another fact is what player in their right mind would want to play here. The constant turnover and players being released on a normal basis. No guy is given a chance to develop or learn the game. At this point what quality player would want to come here they are given a nice contract for one season and released the next. The way I see it we are possibly getting sub par talent due to it being a last resort to sign here. If a player is lucky enough to get a second season in he is faced with all new coordinators and coaches.

I'll call BS on that figure. If you said 25 or 30 it might be more believable.


Isn't it obvious that the scouting problem is not the man but rather location, location, location? He operates from Florida, so far away from where most of our players are found -- Edmonton! :wink: The latest being Glenn MacKay, a 2012 Eskimo,who has been added to the TiCat PR in the only personnel move, at least so far, since the loss to Edmonton.

Sad part is, I really am not sure if that's accurate or not. I wouldn't be surprised if it was true.

We did have one of the best D-line in the league when we had McIntyre, Hickman, Bolden, and Baggs. Unfortunately we scouted to good of linemen and the two best bolted down south. Then we entirely gave up on Bolden and Baggs, which didn't go over very well with some fans. The past two years our d-line has been an absolute disaster, and it has derailed the entire defence.

Our defensive back scouting leaves some to be desired...anyone else still miss Chris Thompson?

We had a solid defence under Bellefeuille, not amazing, but they got the job done. The offence had the ability to play lights out, but in the end it was mostly Glenn and the offence who faltered in big games. Now it's opposite, except we now have a wicked offence and a pathetic defence.

Thing have gone down hill since we got rid of Bellefeuille, I am torn on whether it's the coaching that has made the scouts look bad, or scouting that has the made the coaches look bad...or possibly everyone is just bad.

We have Danny Mac head of US Scouting which is fine but lets be realistic and get about five people on the pay roll as US scouts, one guy isn't going to do the job of five across the country and in Canada we have Drew Allemang and we should have at least two others looking out for potential players like bookends one in each end of the country, scouting universities, colleges, junior football etc.

Don't forget that the NFL and 2 other CFL teams "gave up" on Baggs as well...

This seems most logical, although the club likely has the allocated seasonal budget already implemented for this year, and unless management quickly agrees for additional resources to be dispersed towards U.S. scouting it may be too late for 2013.

Did the Cats not have Lancaster and a couple others as U.S. scouts at one time during the 90's? (simultaneously)

We can argue over the exact numbers till the cows come home…doesn’t change thermal fact our scouting isn’t getting it done

Remember mike McCarthy …the one we let get away

He’s with the Larks and according to our good friend Mr Wikipedia,…

Since 2008 to present, McCarthy is currenttly a college and pro scout with the Montreal Alouettes.In his five seasons with Montreal they have won two Grey Cup Championships in 2009 and 2010 the ( 97th and 98th Grey Cups back to back ) Alouettes qualified for the 96th Grey Cup which they hosted, with a hard fought loss to the Calgary Stampeders.This has marked the 4th and 5th Grey Cup victories of his career and the seventh, eight and ninth time he has been involved with a team that has reached the Grey Cup.

So…to re iterate I doesn’t matter how you measure defeat …in terms of 72 defensive linemen or 32 lnemen brought into camp
It still spells LOSER

And norwoods 4 offsides last week are symptomatic of it…(though it seems he was the coach’s choice and not th scouts…

I was never opposed to them getting rid of him, I was just stating his name because he was a huge part of that d-line's success, and a lot of our fans were downright pissed off when the Cats cut him.

I agree with my fellow poster .... Mike McCarthy was the best scout we have had in years .... wish he was back in the ticat fold