Head Coaching Job in Edmonton

I wonder how long it will take to replace the Esks head Coach if they lose in Vancouver next week?
The Coach always pays the price and I don't see this situation being any different. Edmonton are used to winning and I really don't believe things will be quiet if they end up at 2 and 5.
I disagreed with the firing of Marshall in Hamilton but in Edmonton's case it may be different. Something will have to give, and fast!
Just my opionion.

Do you figure it will take that long! I mean seriously 2and 5 I think Huey just might get the hook out before then.

i'm curious why everyone blames machocia for the roster changes, when hes not the GM?

coach M is the coach....the GM gets the players.

DG, The GM is the boss the coach puts the talent together! If he does not respond the coach is fired! I have not seen the other way around. If the GM goes usually the coaches go as well. A New GM would want to pick is own staff!

this is not how it works....pinball isnt incharge of getting the talent, adam rita is.

the GM gets the players and the coach coaches them.

unless the coach is the GM too, like wally buono is in BC.

usually, the coaches tell the GM, what kind of player they need and it us up to the GM to try to fill the bill.....no.

I hear Jim Daley is looking for work as a head coach.... :lol:

they may yet need him in Calgary this year too...

Not only is the fiasco of the last play loss looming with the bonehead blitz defense, yesterdays loss although slightly better, still the crowd size was 32,000 which is reason enough. Some 5000 below average.
This reason alone and if the lose in BC and look bad, Hugh will get the hook out.

The organization and local edmonton media is far too much in love with maciocca. He's not leaving till this seasons over, essentially making this season a "write-off" for the esks, and the playoff streak will come to an end.

Crowd size was 32,000 for the following reasons IMO:

  • rained all day long before the game,soggy, sort of miserable conditions
  • capital ex(formerley klondike days) has attracted lots of attention
  • the stegall miracle TD

Luckily the esks play the riders next at home, they'll make up for the lost revenue.

yup, sure they will :lol:

Macoccia looked pretty fidgety and nervous on the sidelines last night. The look on his face after the game was, "I'm a goner, Hughie's going to call me up to the big office after this one..."

Perhaps Paopao might be considered as the leading candidate for his replacement, overlooking his coaching record in Hamilton, Ottawa, Sask, etc... :stuck_out_tongue:

Hear Rickynotsorookiecoach wants the job and has let the word out.