Head coaches of the future

With Chamblin's firing, O'Shea on thin ice in Winnipeg, and Montreal potentially in the market for a new head coach next season, it brings up the question: who are the next generation of good young coaches in the CFL? I'm not talking about older coaches who've already been HCs, like Cortez or Stubler, but rather up-and-coming coordinators who might be ready to take the next step.

Right now, barring Dave Dickenson, who will obviously take over next year in Calgary, I think it's a two-horse race for best future HC candidate: Orlondo Steinauer in Hamilton and Marcus Brady in Toronto. Both men run great offenses, have paid their dues as position coaches, and seem to know how to get the most out of their respective units no matter who's injured. They have both worked with some of the top football minds in the business: Steinauer has spent the past few years working for Kent Austin, while Brady has benefited from the acumen of both Scott Milanovich and Marc Trestman. IMO any team that is in the market for a head coach would be foolish not to interview both these guys.

Of course, there could be other dark-horse candidates (MacAdoo in Edmonton? Washington in BC?), but to me, Steinauer and Brady, if they want to test the HC market, would be sought-after candidates this offseason.

I would put Tommy Condell third behind Steinhauer and Brady as a viable HC candidate but I don't see him leaving Austin's side given their history together. Maybe someone gives Chapdelaine a shot, I don't think he's been a HC at the CFL level, but his chance may have passed him by. Barron Miles or Greg Knox maybe at some point a few years down the road? Slim pickings though.

Good question (and answers, discipline).

All I would add is that any new head coach in the CFL should have CFL coaching experience.
The recent trend to hiring NCAA coaches with no CFL experience doesn't seem to be going well. :frowning:

In a couple years you can probably add Anthony Calvillo to the list of possible head coaches.

Not a chance! Some want to coach but not as a head coach with all the pressure.Thats what you want but not Calvillo

how about Canada's smartest person