Head Coach

Taffe - If you’re going to work with what you got consider the follwing:

  1. Mass isn’t getting the time he needs. Design more plays for quicker releases. Mass is able to throw darts. He’s not an adept scrambler but if nothing availabe right away then Mass can run straight ahhead. Nickel and dime the ball downfield and wear down the opposing D at the same time.
  2. Jesse can only do so much up the middle. Give him more sweeps to use his speed and again where down the D front line and linebackers. The screen pass is excellent too, but what about Radelin and Dickerson getting more screen passes too? They are often open and can do damage and open things up.
  3. I’m glad to see your pulling out players who go offside. But come on it’s about intensity and concentration whether your leading or losing.
    Instill that and fine a player for offsides. There is no excuse at this point.
  4. Thank goodness for Moreno, Armour, and Cody. Keep Beveridge out there more as he is intense and can hit. It sparks the others.
    Special Teams
    Setta is a keeper. Good game against Montreal. But why did he spend 5 games punting for height rather than distance. Your fault!

Part of the problem with Maas not getting time is he doesn't step up in the pocket. How many times did Montreal get pressure with a 3-man rush? Lots!

A Montreal d-end would fly straight up field, only to have our tackle continue to push him in that same direction. And you know why? Because Maas is supposed to step up to help his o-line out. He wouldn't have had half as much pressure if he'd just step up in the pocket!