Head coach

any truth to Tom Clemens as next h.c.?

let me check the transactions page.....

tick tick tick... talk amongst yourselves.....

uh, no.

which at this point is also the answer to
"any truth to as next h.c.?"

Who dat? ... One of Pinball's relatives?

Try: Tom Clements

Neat idea, but I don’t think he’d be interested. By all accounts here in the last while, he doesn’t seem too interested even in recalling his time in the CFL, for reasons I don’t know. I suspect his happiest memories are not of his time in Hamilton…he wasn’t treated well by the fans toward the end of his time here, and that’s an understatement.

He does have credentials though… HOF player, assistant and coordinator positons in the NFL. His teams didn’t generally have great records though, though he did seem to get more out of Kordell Stewart in Pittsburgh than anyone else ever did.