head coach

First I would like to thank Mr Lancaster for steping in to a mess that he DID NOT make.
For 3/4 of the last game there was better play for all of the team with the only part that did not get better ,maybe worse the QB.
I think that he was and is hurt .
please rest him and go to #2 or #3.
Maas is no longer the best chance to win, Maybe next year.

That is the way I see it.

Good points, I'm all for giving Maas a chance to heal and rehab to see how bad these injuries actually are and make the final determination during the off season or at training camp.
Tricky part is Eakin is rapidly becoming a waste of time and Williams is still too raw to start.
Another tricky part is even if Maas recovers sufficiently, how do you bring him back in 07 to an angry fanbase?

hire don matthews as head coach, once jim popp gets charlie taffe back in montreal, don can join his boy marcel.

As long as Williman does not get to start he will aways be too raw. Time to give him playing time now and see what he can do. Good Quarterbacks actually play!

Ease him into it, give him entire quarters to play then maybe have him start the last game or two.

With a simplified play book, would be good test to see if Williams can perform. Keep it nice and simple and see how he is just running the basic plays and reading defences.

Wonder if Frank Kush is still around.