When the head coach is the GM who appoints himself as HC; Your organization is dysfunctional.

When the HC knows nothing about offense so he cannot intervene on offensive play calling; Your organization is dysfunctional.

When the HC knows nothing about defence so he cannot intervene on defensive play calling; Your organization is dysfunctional.

When the HC knows nothing about special teams so he cannot intervene on special teams play calling; Your organization is dysfunctional.

When the HC only has to manage the game, chose when to challenge plays, know the rules of the game, get the refs attention with his yellow flag, look smart on the sidelines, and still cannot do a single one of those things properly; Your organization is dysfunctional.[/i]

Not only that Johnny. You're at home in front of your fans. You need a win. Weather is not a factor, the storm has passed. You win the coin toss, and you choose to give the ball to the Ticats! WTF! That says either the offense isn't ready folks, sorry! or the coach doesn't know what he's doing.

Don't want Popp canned NOW as I don't want:

  1. AC as HC, he is still a baby as OC (what a lovely serendipidous string of initials) and needs to grow into an outstanding coach (in general) and OC (in particular) before he should be considered.

  2. Chapedelaine. He has been passed over several times and those types rarely make good HCs. My dear is that a few late season wins when things don't matter might get him re-upped.

  3. Reed; one of the teams biggest problems at the moment is discipline and ST are one of the worst offenders. Like JC, don't want a few wins to be perceived as a turnaround that merits a re-up.

  4. Thorpe; think what he tried last winter was underhanded and sleazy.

  5. Some unemployed guy who is going to want a multi-year deal; that short-circuits a proper search.

But, long-term the team needs either JP getting booted back to GM and advised he will neves coach the Als again, or a new GM within a couple of weeks of the Grey Cup. The HC search starts once all candidates are available.

A new Head Coach ya say Johnny ???? I hear this guy is available.......and he can't be any worse than Popp :lol:

[Insert name of your least favourite poster ... other than me] is applying for the job?

Didn`t Austin sign an extension in the off-season?

Well played Sheldon! :thup:

[i]It's obvious we cannot get a new HC during the season. Johnny should have explained things a little better.

The point is, Popp is a game manager type HC. Since he cannot and does not intervene in the schemes, play calling, and actual Xs and 0s, his role as a HC is limited. He has to manage the game and run practices.

Since managing the game is his role, one of very few as a HC, he has to NAIL this aspect of his job. He has to be perfect. So far in 3 games, he TWICE challenged something that could not be challenged, and got a penalty for it. He needs to have complete knowledge of the rules.

When you have so little to do (compared to a real HC who is involved in all aspects of the game, and still gets these things right), you cannot make so many mistakes.

When the players see their HC screw up like this and hurt the team, it does not inspire them to surpass themselves... [/i]

Actually Bobo, you can keep that guy! It's Steinauer Johnny wants as our HC in 2017!

Touche !!! :smiley: Well played indeed :smiley:


LOL, that dancing ape has some somewhat obscene moves! :lol:

I know he is an OC now, but would Trestman consider coming back?
With the reported $750k Jones and likely Austin is getting, the money may be equal to or in some cases better than an OC in the No Funners?
Plus Trestman loved his time and does visit on occasions.
He also said the other great thing about working in the CFL it's not a 12 months full time job.

I would certainly like to know (and be somewhat surprised) if other CFL HCs do not consider it a 12 month full-time job; that was the deal he had with Popp but assuming there is a house cleaning can't assume a new GM would agree.

When I opined that Jim Popp was not a real head coach last year, I was taken to task by some for being too negative. :wink: Not looking to start a fight, but what's happened so far is exactly what I feared. I agree with everything Johnny said, so I won't restate it.

Jim Popp is not a head coach. He is a GM. He is good at finding talent, not at coaching that talent. Case closed now. This is literally his fifth try at being head coach and there are no more excuses.

And yes, I know we're only three games into the season. It's not our record (1-2) that concerns me. On its own, one win and two losses is not a huge deal. It's the way we have lost the last two games: terrible offense, penalties galore, a head coach who messes up yet again by challenging a non-challengeable call, disarray on the bench (why in God's name is Chris Carter talking to the receivers?). Two straight embarrassing losses in front of our fans. This looks, right now, like pretty much the same team we've seen for the past three years. Nothing appears to have changed.

To be honest, I think Jim Popp has passed his best-before date in Montreal, both as head coach and as GM. It's time for a fresh voice and a new direction. No matter how good or successful you are, your act will get stale after 20 years. This franchise has been on a five-year decline and if this stuff was happening anywhere else, Popp might already have been fired. It's only Wetenhall's dependency on Popp that is keeping Popp employed.

Well put. :thup: