head coach vacancy

how about the rams coach,Frank mcCrystal for the new head coach

Do you mean one of the worst coaches ever?? Actually I shouldn't say that, as I have no personel experience with him, but I have heard plenty of stories. Plus I am a Huskie fan and Think the Rams are junk.

If we are looking at the University Ranks the only one who I think could be looked at would be Brian Towriss. His record stands for itself. But I don't think he would be that great. Pros vs College kids is very different.

Well Billy, I find your comments interesting. First you dismiss the winning record that Frank has under the Prairie Football League (juniors) and what he was able to do with the Rams since joining the University in 1999. Sure they haven't put together a complete season yet. But he is a good coach...maybe a little tough but a good coach.

Now having said that I don't think Brian T. or Frank M. would make good CFL coaches. It is a totally different game in the pros. And the CFL has seen enough failures coming from the Canadian University ranks in the last couple of years.

I was trying to be a bit tongue in cheek. Obviously McCrystal has a good record, and has done a lot of good for the Rams. I just don't like the Rams, they are our Rival.

I will be honest and say that I have not heard the greatest things from former players about him, but usually it is the people that dislike a coach that are the most vocal so that would definitely scew things.

I think McCrystal is a really good coach. But he isnt the next Saskatchewan Roughrider HC, and doesnt deserve to be.

ummmmm…let me think about this. No.

I would say the following is a pretty demonstration of the type of coach he is:
Jon Ryan
Chris Bauman
Chris Getzlaf
Neal Hughes
Jason Clermont

Typical of Saskatoonians.
As a Huskie fan, you think the Rams are junk.
As a Ram fan, I just don't think about the Huskies.....

Actually, that isn't really true as I support the Huskies in all situations where they are not playing the Rams, and I think Towriss is a good coach.
As is McCrystal.
Neither will even be considered for the coaching job as I doubt ET knows either of them. At least not well enough...
And I don't believe either could move directly into a head coaching role in the CFL and have immediate success.
Towriss has had offers to move into the pro ranks--not as a head coach--but has turned them down.
If Frank has had such offers, I am unaware of it.
But both could move in and be very good specialty coaches, ie, Towriss as an O-line coach; Frank as a linebacker/defensive coach.


one would think that every member of ridernation would be dialled in to the coach search to the point that you know what ET is looking for by now.whether you're not a chartered member of ridernation, i'm not sure but it's been well documented that eric will only hire someone he knows. stop with the towriss, mccrystal... ideas.i'm not so sure that richie even falls into that category.here are the top 4 guys judging by eric's current and past relationships with coaches...just playing a hunch here.
1- george cortez-calgary assistant HC
2- tom rossley- eric's college roommate,worked with him in mtl,former packers qb coach
3- dave ritchie
4- doug nussmeier- st.louis rams coach,worked with eric in ottawa.

others- ken miller,richie hall, mike gibson

city legend

Yeah.... So what I got out of that was: