Head coach for the Edmonton Eskimos?

So the Edmonton Eskimos now need to hire a head coach for the 2020 season. Who should that be?


I will say Wally Buono for an unlikely swan song.

Then there is more time to rebuild after say two seasons with him.

The team needs restabilization of the roster on offence and the secondary and linebackers on defence.

Interesting suggestion!


Dinwiddie who I really like as a coach. Puts the Esks in the same situation as they did with Maas basically jumping from QB coach to HC with very little OC coach experience.

Well it’s Scott Milanovich. I like it.

Give him by Labour Day 2021 so long as he does not screw it up in 2020.

Well at least he has CFL head coaching experience including a Grey Cup ring in that stint with the Argos.


Bad decision here, even though he had to go I would have stayed with Maas, if Milanovich is the only choice.
Did a lot of damage here in Toronto and we are still paying the lack of QB’s price.

WOW! Thats a Great Hiring.
Lets not forget that Scott Developed both Collaros & Trevor Harris behind Ricky Ray.
This is a real game changer for the Esks into the future.
Lets not Forget that him being the Jags QB coach since 2017.
He has a huge rolodex of potential QBs that he can look thru & see which ones could potentially adapt to the CFL.
I know Trevor Harris has got to be on cloud 9 at this point.

Well what it amounts to is that instead of pre-judging I’m willing to wait and see.


O always liked Scott. As his last HC stint in Toronto. He was always very classy in interviews during practice post game even tealed. Well spoken.
I Edmonton he has a first class practice facilty. A Home stadium in Commonwealth that has gone thru modern renos.
And its the Eskimos stadium and practice facility. Etc.
While HC with the Argos at the time they were like nomads. Lol.
Im glad to see him back running the CFL sidelines again and couldnt have chosen a better place than Edmonton.

Well you are not a fan and your biased opinion here in the team room not only stinks but I feel is trolling. Take it back to your room Argos fan.

Agreed and great assessment again Steve

This one caught anybody honest off guard. I like it for reasons as you cite above.

Give him two seasons to set the strong base for hopefully a long future.

Oh ya. No doubt it caught everyone off guard. But I know it prolly crossed peoples minds with the orginization struggles of the Jags. London? Jacksonville? Jags.
The Jags have been tossed around like the Argos.
But really although it did cross our minds. For sure I admit it would there is no way it wuld happen.

Any thoughts on Phillip Lolley’s resignation as defensive coordinator?


The Esks’ defence certainly didn’t look up to the job in the playoffs against the Alouettes and the Tiger-Cats.


The Jags recent firing of his job as in charge of football operations.
Millanovich leaving for the esks sheds a little more light on it