Head coach candidates for 2017

[i]Yup, it's early... Impossible to name a candidate at this time. But, we should cross off Noel Thorpe as the Als Head coach. He is a static coordinator who cannot adjust his defence after 4 years. Plus, he mutinied on the team by trying to run to Edmonton.

The Als head coach for 2017 could be anybody. But not Thorpe or Popp! [/i]

Agreed on both counts, Johnny.

My shortlist would include Steinauer, Brady, Elizondo, and maybe even Mark Nelson!

[i]Good choices! Johnny was actually thinking that if Elizondo's good work continues for the whole season, we should give him a look.

Mark Nelson is an "out of the box thinking" candidate. He certainly has been successful, and he looks like he could lead a team. He's worthy of at least an interview. [/i]

Quietly, Mark Nelson has run good defenses everywhere he's been: Ottawa, Winnipeg, Edmonton. I would interview him for sure. He's also got the best hair of any coaching candidate. :wink:

And why not Chapdelaine?
He's been around and successful. And he speaks french.

Steinauer would be the best choice as he could fit in and grab the DC position and HC . You could leave the rest of the coaches as is until the dust settles .

We are two games into the season in a 3 way tie a game behind Ottawa and this ! Wow…

Couldn't agree more. Makes me think people don't think there are other teams in the CFL. Everyone says 9-9 is the expectation/hope for this year. Als lost to a much better team at this stage 1/9 th through the season. Reactions remind me of Winnipegers.

Johnny hasn't given up on the season. Just planning ahead and crossing off 2 guys who should not be HC in 2017 (Thorpe and Popp). Beyond that, there is no harm in discussing potential candidates for 2017. :smiley:

I believe the end game is for Als to stabilize this year and improve next year. Both with Popp at the helm and then have Calvillo take over as HC. In the long run I think they want Calvillo to be the face of the org and I support this given everything that has happened. If things progress well, after 3 years as OC Calvillo will be ready with either Cato or Adams as a franchise QB in place.

So far after 2 games I see tenuous stability emerging. So far give or take a Carter.

Without Green, this will be an even tougher task.

For me injuries or the w/l record are not the prime indicators of stability. Feel bad for the Green injury but the ability to weather it without imploding is more an indicator of stability emerging.

The loss of Green is huge, but I sincerely doubt that it will have a major negative impact on the 2016 season.

Along with HfxTC and others, I can't believe that some are already talking about a Head Coach for 2017. The Als are 1-1, as 3 other teams.


The problem, Hfx, is that as a HC, Popp is GM. That's what he knows and what he does best. So, that's what he should be doing. I don't think he has the football smarts or is enough of a student of the game to make necessary adjustments during the game.

While it's not impossible to be a HC and a GM, I just don't think that's in Jim's DNA. It's hard to be interviewing prospective coaches and sniffing out great players while you're busy with X's and O's.

This is an opportunity to move forward with a new HC rather than backwards with someone nobody else ever wanted as a HC.

I fear Chap is an example of a good assistant who lacks whatever makes for a good HC.

Chapdelaine has been OC for a number teams and was especially good at QB development with BC. Chap played for the Als after which he was successful as noted above. He is a native son and, would be another example of the growing trend of Quebec's other native sons who are moving, as players, into the CFL. Chap has proven his competence as an OC, assistant coach. I believe his time developing offensive players and, his present position with out team makes him a prospect for HC- we can all now observe Chap in his present role to further study his readiness for the HC position. Calvillo is years away from a HC position in the CFL. With Chap's present duties, he can demonstrate his potential as this season unravels.

Absolutely agree that AC is far from HC-ready ... in truth, he has not even yet really shown he is OC-ready (i.e., limited results).

Chapdelaine has been in the running for at least a couple of HC positions as a HC and was passed over. Just don't get a good feeling about JC as a HC. He has the CFL experience sans doute, and that is an absolute requirement IMO, but in a league where the trend is for younger HCs - except for Austin (who won a Grey Cup at 44 as a rookie in Sask and had 3 other years as a HC in the NCAA before going to Hamilton) and Buono (who was a HC before the forard pass was invented) - I think giving Capdelaine his first non-CIS HC job would be the wrong choice.

[i]Johnny agrees with your assessment of AC for HC. Johnny loves AC, but he has to prove himself as an OC over a period of a few years before making him head coach.

Dave Dickenson was also a great QB, and he spent years learning the ropes as a coach before being given the HC job in Calgary. [/i]

If anyone thought Kavis Reed should get a shot as HC, banish the thought now! That over emotional clown cannot even oversee his unit.