Head Coach Candidate.

I hope that Matt Dunigan is interviewed for the position of Head Coach of the Saskatchewan Roughriders. He has shown the will to win as a player and he did quite well as Head Coach in Calgary under very, very difficult conditions. I believe he deserves a chance to explain, how he would guide the Roughriders, to Ken Miller and the selection committee.

Hey, Dave, welcome to the boards. FYI, there is a bit of a discussion going in the following thread about Dunnigan as a possibility: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=63585&start=15, particularly starting top of page 2. Might want to add your views there.

Did quite well?? He was 4 and 14. That's pretty bad under any conditions, really. Maybe look at him for supporting staff in some capacity, but not HC!

no thank you. I do not want Dunigan as HC...

that's called taking a full step or two backwards.

I do NOT want him as our HC, but I wonder what ever happened to Joe Paopao

He’s coaching at the University of Waterloo:

[url=http://www.athletics.uwaterloo.ca/coaches.aspx?rc=78&path=football]http://www.athletics.uwaterloo.ca/coach ... h=football[/url]

What would we do with out you MadJack?