Head Coach Application

If Montreal goes on a 2 game winning streak, they will finish 9-9, matching Montreal's worse season in 2001, since expansion, in 1996.

With the way Montreal has been playing, and the upcoming opponents for Montreal, on the road, I would say it is unlikely that the Als get 2 wins, 1 at most.

So, Popp should get canned. We need a new head coach, why would you be a strong candiate?

Apply for the new head coach job!

  1. What do you think, is most important for a team? Chemistry? Discipline? Talent? etc...

  2. How can you explain Montreal's dominance in previous years, then all of a sudden we are near the bottom of the East?

  3. Calvillo proven to be brilliant at times this season, but struggles when he gets hit? What's your solution? Fix the line, or yank Calvillo?

  4. What would of been you're pre-game comment, before heading into Saturday's game against Toronto? If Montreal loses, they can say goodbye to homefield advantage in the Quarter Finals.

  5. Finally, what would be the biggest change you would make for this team, heading into next year?

Let's have some fun guys! Something we haven't really had this season!

Well youre forgetting an apparently very important criteria: are you currently the GM/VP of the Montreal Alouettes?

Ill play along though Im not gonna use the PC bullshit that get used for job applications and interviews though.

  1. A combination of chemistry, confidence, and trust. The players have to work well together they need to beleive that they can make the play happen on their own and they need to know that the man on either side of them can do the same

  2. Simply they went from a team that was known to make perfect adjustments at halftime to a team that made none rather than fixing what was wrong or building on what was right the team stayed constant and ultimately this lack of change is what came back to hurt the team game after game.

  3. Calvillo is a very good QB and with the right balance of pass and rush plays as well as some improvement on the offensive line he is still able to dominate in this league

  4. You've all been here before and know what is at stake. You have beaten this team before and you know what it takes to do it again. We are better than they are now let's go out there and prove it

  5. The area that is most in need of repairs would be the offensive line so I would make sure that at camp there are people competing for each position there and make our talented veterans really compete for their spot which they havent had to do for a while now. I would also take a look at the current assisstant coaching staff and make any changes I feel necessary there

  1. talent is very important, team players and a positve attitude

  2. we went from don matthews, (most winning coach in cfl history) to jim popp (no coaching success in history)

  3. calvillo is not the problem, the oline is. so id fix the line first.

  4. its fan day, 45,000 came out to see you you guys. we need to win today to win the series vs toronto, so if we tie we finish ahead. you guys know what you have to do, so do it. we beat them twice, so we shouldnt not be able to beat them again.

  5. with jim popp gone, maybe the players will want to play, and not think its a joke. so theres room for improvment on the 0-line. tahst pretty much it, were set at RB, WR, Defense and we got 3 quality QBs.
    also, i'd give calvillo one more chance calling the plays.