Head Coach Announcement Imminent?

Please, just don't let it be Coach "Skippy" Maciocia when he is fired this weekend.

The advantage with Chapdelaine is that he and Marcel can be watching practice discussing stuff in French and few players will know what they are saying.
It will be Chapdy for sure I think. :wink:

I’d further suspect and suggest that Desajrdin’s prospective new HC started looking at game tape (and maybe even attended a game or practice or two in cognito) very soon after Desjardin signed-on and probably even had a say in any player roster moves that have since occured

A reliable source who writes for the Metro News states that the next coach of the Ticats will be Danny Barrett if he doesn't take Saskatchewan to the Grey Cup this year.

Really? Jaques Chapdelaine and not Bill Parcells?

Ya why would they want to hire a coach who has WON a Grey Cup and then suddenly forgot how to coach the VERY NEXT season .....

And managed to lose back to back games against the 2006 Hamilton Tiger Cats in the process!

Sorry Here Mr York Info for Hamilton
"• The Ticats were an embarrassing 4-14 this year and played four home games without scoring a touchdown.

And yet attendance at Ivor Wynne Stadium decreased by only 1,500 fans a game.

That’s remarkable, but it won’t be like that next year unless new general manager Marcel Desjardins executes a roster overhaul with success.

So far, he’s cut running back Josh Ranek, quarterback Kevin Eakin and receiver Kamau Peterson.

Look for Terry Vaughn, the leading receiver in CFL history, to be next.

Cutting these guys, of course, is the easy part. It’ll get tough now, trying to find competent replacements.

Oh, and Desjardins also will have to recruit a decent head coach. Greg Marshall, defensive coordinator of the Blue Bombers, seems to be the leading candidate and a sensible choice."

You can read the rest of his Writing here.


They did not win because of him, talk to any defensive player in the league and they’ll tell you Danny is the most predicable play caller in the league and that Montreal lost because they didn’t do their homework.

Yeah - it would be real funny if they do in fact hire Greg Marshall. Then they can say they fired, and hired Greg Marshall, in 1 breath!!

Anyone on a Sabbatical coming back would get really confused, hearing that Greg Marshall is once again our Head Coach (even though it is NOT the same Greg.M. ).

The Eagle :roll: :roll: :roll:

If we would have liked to get Greg Marshall and we don't because it would look bad to hire another Greg Marshall, I think this would be the first time in the history of anything that someone wasn't hired because they had the same name as someone previously in an organization or company. :wink:

…and then again if they did hire him, they’d save some money on some signage - wouldn’t have to order new business cards nor change the name on the HC’s parking spot and office door (Ronnie’s signs were just masking tape with black marker hand printing) :lol: :lol: :lol:

Unless kicker that the business cards had photos on them, in that case, they would all have to go for some digital remastering, which would cost a bundle. :smiley:

Ron won a grey cup too, maybe we should keep him as HC.

Charlie Taafe is the best choice for the position and if theis rumour is true, then I would suspect that he is the choice.

He was a consultant at Pitt and therefore would be free to take the job whenever he wanted to.

He is a proven coach in the league and would put the proper coordinators around him.

I really hope he is the guy we get.

Me Too :thup:

The Don! Just ask his former players who dedicated their last game to him! He is a PROVEN CFL WINNER and his record speaks for itself. if he is healthy I would take him over a anybody at the moment. With Taafe Why is everybody so high on him where is he coaching now nobody knows? State side and he isn't even listed as a starter this season?

MATTHEWS I will send the Ticats my full renewal$$ ASAP!!

Too Old too Old too Old …
The Don is the Past
The most will get out of Don Mathews is 2 Seasons.
Not long Enought to spend 3,000,000 on Him
Plus will have pay $$ or Draft Pick to Montreal for His Rights.
Taff is the Future…

Anybody Else is 2nd Best…

Montreal has given "The Don" his last rites, Onknight.

sorry, but such a person does not exist.