Head Coach Announcement Imminent?

....for those who keep touting Matthews and, correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Desjardins more or less imply in a recent Spec interview that he was looking for a "younger" HC? (that would be as in "younger" in relation to Matthews) :roll:

And on the fifth quarter two games ago he said, to at least two different callers, that he wasn’t interesed in Matthews.

As important as a new HC will be the assistants and coordinators that will hired. I'd stick my neck out and suggest that maybe they should look at convincing Morreale and Hitch to retire and go on the staff...I can see Morreale as a receivers' coach and Hitch coaching special teams or DBs......

Exactly. There’s been NCAA coaches who have signed with another school between the regular season and the bowl games. Some still coach their team’s bowl game, others don’t.
I figured if it was Taaffe, they would annouce his hiring shortly after Nov. 25th (Pitt’s last game), and he either would leave Pitt right then or stay for their bowl game.
But if he’s not with them any more I guess that doesn’t matter now.

Here's a thought. Let the new HC pick his own assistants without interference so that the staff has a chance of being functional. Suggestions might be an interesting debate but the reality is that the coaching staff has to act as an unified team and only the HC has an idea who he can work with. Suggest away front office types but PLEEEEEEASE don't dictate.

Hear hear turbo. I don't think saddling Marshall with Paopao and his sidekick was one of the more brilliant moves, to put it mildly.

McMahon,Care to comment?

Sadly he’s not here to tell us weeks in advance who our next coach is, his ventures into time traveling has finally caught up with him, he is currently trapped in 2075. Apparently his flux capacitor gave out on him.

Which is why if it is an assistant, the deal won’t be announced until after the Grey Cup.

That, in a nutshell I believe, was the biggest mistake of this organization this past season.

Totally unfair to Marshall.

A check on the Pitt U website, where Charlie Taffe is suppose to be an assistant,
shows 14 assistant coaches but Charlie isn't one of them.
Maybe he is free to leave as he isn't an official assistant coach.

Taffe will probably hire some assistants that you have never heard of but that will be ok because he`s coached in Montreal ???

What would you say if he hired an OC that has NO CFL EXPERIANCE ??? Werent you just complaining that was Marshalls problem ???

Someone said Taffe was coach of the year , well big deal, so was Marshall, wasnt he ???

Im not saying Taffe wouldnt be a good hire , but if you talk about coaches with no CFL experience not being a good idea then it has to apply to ALL hirings doesnt it ??

Charlie Taaffe was apparently hired as an assistant coach in August, 2006 by the University of Pittsburgh as an emergency replacement for assistant head coach Bob Junko, who had major surgery earlier this year but was not then ready to resume coaching.

Seeing that Bob Junko is now once again listed as assistant head coach on the team website and Charlie Taaffe's name is nowhere to be found, it appears that Taaffe has completed his emergency coaching duties with the Panthers. Canuck's post seems to make sense...Taaffe could be available now.

The next question is: should the Ticats hire Taaffe now or wait until the CFL season is over to see which existing CFL coaches are also interested in the Ticat head coaching position?

Marcel Desjardins has worked with Taafe before so he is a known quantity to Marcel. If thats who Marcel wants because he knows he will have a good working relationship with him, he should hire him now. Too much work to be done in Hamilton to leave the coaching decision much longer.
Taafe is probably not the only good choice but I would suspect he is the prime choice right now.

totally agree…and anyways isn’t that standard operating procedure for most professional sports teams? which then makes you wonder exactly how the Ticats braintrust rationalized their way into deciding to impose Paopao et al onto Marshall…maybe Marshall had no clue so he let them hire on his behalf???


If it's The Don, do we have to buy him a golf cart to ride around on during practices or will the Als send to us the one he used there no charge? :slight_smile:

They need to do it between now and Grey Cup as the league does not allow coaching announcements during the week of the "big game"

I'd suspect the work is already started, in terms of team overhaul. If you don't think that a guy in negotiations to become the head coach has been watching our game tape, I think you're sorely mistaken. Whoever they are going to bring in has already started.

As to OCs with no CFL experience: if it is Taaffe that they're bringing in, he's been a head coach before, for a winning football team in the CFL. He knows what it takes to win, and I guarantee you that he will find assistants who will fill their roles more than adequately.

He already told us: Jacques Chapdelaine…until his tinfoil bonnet fell off his head! :wink:

:D :D :D

My guess is that it will be Charlie Taaffe if the timing being discussed is correct.

Oski Wee Wee,

Since when?

Grey Cup week 2001:

“The collapse moved Smith and general manager Jim Popp to hire Don Matthews, the winningest head coach in CFL history, during Grey Cup week, a move that was widely panned for drawing attention away from the game.”

[url=http://forum.canadiens.com/archive/index.php/t-8466.html]http://forum.canadiens.com/archive/inde ... -8466.html[/url]


Oski Wee Wee,