Head Coach Announcement Imminent?

CHML/Y108's Ken Zamperin mentioned on today's Y108 morning show that a reliable source has informed him that the TiCats will be making an announcement regarding a new head coach very soon (as in days). Ken/the source did not reveal any names.

So obviuosly, if true, then it can't be anyone who is currently actively coaching and under contract.

Turn the "speculation" dial up just a couple of more notches.

Charlie Taffe????


I hope ASAP :thup: THE BIG DON!

I hope your Right and It Charley :slight_smile:

It's got to be either Taafe or Matthews. Every other HC candidate with experience is tied up, with their team being in the playoffs shortly. My guess is Taafe. It would be a great hire that would really change the team's attitude.

whats the big deal about chalie taafe?? I don't get it. Is he that good, or is it just hyp like some of offseson player aquisitions

Taafe was Coach of the Year in 2000 .... sometimes the "kiss of death"


It will not be Taafe, he is coaching Pitt right now, so if it was to be him the announcement would not happen until after bowl season which is not any time soon.

It will probably be Don unless Marty is right.

Incorrect, it happens all the time... he can be named our head coach with an effective date of when his other contract ends.

Also, he is only an offensive assistant with Pitt so theres a chance they may just let him go.

Not saying it is..or that I want him..but Maccocia could technically be available soon...(assuming he is let go in Edmonton)

Mark my words: it won't be The Don.

Hey...maybe we're getting Hugh Campbell. lol And we can start a 34 year play-off streak next season.

Maybe he stepped down in Edmonton cause he wanted a new and bigger challenge. (And getting the Cats into the play-offs is the biggest challenge going).

having trouble finding info on Taafe...

[url=http://pittsburghpanthers.cstv.com/sports/m-footbl/spec-rel/m-footbl-coaches.html]http://pittsburghpanthers.cstv.com/spor ... aches.html[/url] [url=http://www.cstv.com/auto_pdf/p_hotos/s_chools/pitt/sports/m-footbl/auto_pdf/06guide-coachingstaff]http://www.cstv.com/auto_pdf/p_hotos/s_ ... chingstaff[/url]

Can’t honestly tell you where the link is, but Taffe left Pitt earlier in the fall… apparently by mutual agreement. He doesn’t show up in the Media Guide because he was not a “coach” but a “consultant” since Pitt already had as many full-time coaches on staff.

So he is available now!

I really doubt it's Matthews. He's in no physical condition to coach anymore; this final season with my Als made that abundantly clear. Either it's Taffe or an assistant from another team (Steve Burratto, Jacques Chapdelaine, or Rich Stubler would be excellent choices).

Can't be an assistant with another team, that would be tampering.

Unless the team has given its consent.

No team is going to do that in the middle of a playoff run...


They won't give them consent right now, except for Edmonton, but we don't want anyone off their staff not even Machoochio.

If its Charlie Taafe you'll hear my cheering ...all the way from Peterborough. Marcel Desjardins and Taafe would be a terrific combination to have running the Tiger-Cats.

All hale Taafe!!