yes were into the off season and looking forward to this year BUT at the same time weve lost a great candaina guy in STOMPIN TOM he wrote a song about hockey but he also wrote one for our cfl its called the football song i think it should be played before every game this year in memory to him it all about the game and first and foremost its all about what he believed in ARE COUNTRY R.I.P stompin tom u will be missed.
As fans of this league lets make this happen

Stompin' Tom Connors - Football Song


Football Song

We’ll see you down at the football game
See you in the crowd
And we’re gonna cheer our team this year
Till there ain’t no cheerin’ as loud

And if someone down at the Football Game,
Says, “Hey! Why do you scream??!?

They’re gonna realize, when we get the prize
We been Wakin’ Up The Grey Cup Team
Wakin' up the Grey Cup Team

Now when its scrimmage time, at the two yard line,
We bulldoze into score.
Then the kicker kicks, and it's over the sticks
And its six, and one points more

And a two point sack on their Quarterback,
And a Field Goal just to be mean,

Our screams and shouts don't leave any doubt,
We been Wakin' up the Grey Cup team
Wakin' up the Grey Cup team

With a ‘First Down’, ‘Second Down’,
and ‘First Down’ again
‘Snap’ it to the Quarter-back and flip it to the wind
Catch it on the ’40 yard’ n' never turn around
Then you rush it to the ‘End’
and get another ‘Touch Down’

Now, when the Football shoots from the punter’s boot
Their ‘Receiver’ can be sure
If he don’t duck, he’s gonna get struck
Like a tank from the ‘Second World War’

Then watch him fall down and ‘Fumble’ the ball
And make a big ‘Turn-Over’ scene
And the cheering fans will make him understand
We’ve been Wakin’ Up The Grey Cup Team

A sad day for Canada. I was never into country at all but I have always respected Stompin' Tom. May he rest in peace.

Tom had fans of all ages. I remember a girl I went to high school with that was a huge fan of his.

thanks for the post captain i knew the song but imma computer dummy cheers tommy boy in the NFL they say this buds for you in the CFL this MOOSEHEADS for YOU

When life gets too serious and stressful, his music never failed to put a smile on my face.

His music was always fun and stompin'

A true Canadian icon will be missed.

Thank you, Tom.

Never knew he sang a "football song". Thanks for the post Captain Kirk, had to listen to it twice and maybe we should play it during the game. Great guy, great Canadian.

RIP Stompin' Tom

I would love them the play this during challenges.

Thanks guys for the football song by ST, didn't realize he did one. I have to have a '50' this weekend, a piece on him said he loved it. Boy, he will be missed, not that I was a huge fan as I don't have any of this music but have listened throughout the years when it was played on radio etc. and enjoyed it.

Have all of his tapes and as an earlier poster said it always put a smile on my face. Rest in Peace.

On the radio the other day, Graham Rockingham was saying that Stompin' Tom has enough unreleased material to fill 10 albums.

*** edit ***

Connors, who released more than 50 records during his 40-year career, left behind enough recorded material for another 10 albums.
[url=http://www.thespec.com/whatson/music/article/899377--stompin-tom-connors-will-get-fitting-send-off-with-hamilton-focus]http://www.thespec.com/whatson/music/ar ... lton-focus[/url]

yes he came out with that song back in 1993 i believe it was played very sparsely at iws but i guess it just didnt hold up to the standards of our other great sport

Not a fan of country either.... so that's why I called it folk music! ... seriously... I saw him in concert a few times... but the last time I saw him at Hamilton place (not his last concert there), he introduced a new "canadiana" singer - Tim Hus. Like I said.. not a fan of country, but I can see Tim being Stompin' Tom's heir apparent.

His songs were fun. Not something I'd listen to with any regularity, but when I heard them I always got a chuckle. You will never find a more proud Canadian though. RIP.

I really like his "Blue Berets" song.

for all interested cable 14 will team up with the peterborugh cable channel and air live the memorial tribute tommorrow nite wed march 13 from 7pm till 9pm tune in i know i will

I agree that the Football Song should be played at every CFL game including the Grey Cup Game.The only way that will happen is if WE the fans tell the league and the teams that we want to hear it.Then it will become a Stompin' Tom song that every one in Canada will know.
I watched the memorial service a great tribute to a real Canadian icon.

it sure was Al to me its funny when he passed all the radio stations tv etc was wavin the stompin tom flag. @ weeks later hes right back were he started forgotten.

Agree 100%. Lets make 'The Football Song' as recognizable as 'The Hockey song'.
Maybe play it at the beginning of every 4th quarter as a type of rallying tune,
whether leading or not. Let the legend of Stompin Tom live on! He did write the
song for a reason.

im with ya MTNCAT all his songs were for a reason but the cfl like the radio stations car not to hear but lets do what we can who knows maybe young or mitchell will see this foroum and agree :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Remember in the early years of the Jays, they had the 'Ok, Blue Jays...' during the 7th inning stretch?
Maybe incorporate a similiar idea with the Stompin Tom song! Lets do it Caretaker