He just cant be serious

At G-20, FIFA head calls for World Cup ceasefire in Ukraine (msn.com)

as if Putin gives a crap about the world cup, specially when Russia team is excluded.

If anything, Putin would be glad if he could be in any way detrimental to it

Putin has already shown he could care less about pressure from other countries to do anything

OTOH, given the lack of integrity of FIFA giving the WC to Qatar, it is no surprise they lack common sense.


Was this statement issued after the missile strike on Poland? Cooler heads have to prevail in times like these.

It is reported by the BBC that it was friendly fire. The Ukrainians fired at an incoming Russian missile that missed it's target and hitting Polish territory.

Putin gets a pass on this for now. Article 5 doesn't get invoked yet, but the Allies have to give Ukraine missile defense systems, more fighter jets so another incident like this doesn't happen again.

so strange to think that FIFA thinks they can make any difference in non soccer issues

Somebody has to speak up no matter how they came to the party

Thankfully Article 5 doesn't get invoked as additional NATO troops in Poland to protect them from the Russians could/would escalate the conflict ... no telling what Putin would do ...... but not certain Vlad the Invader gets a pass ... if Russian forces don't fire the initial missile, from where they fired it, then Ukraine has no reason to fire the missle that hit Poland.

Ukraine was only protecting itself by attempting to shot down incoming missiles from Russians. But more delay than a pass for Putin. The Allies have to give the Ukrainians more tanks, fighter jets and a missile defense system to keep the fighting within the combat zone

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