He is using #1 He better live up to it ..

The #1 In Hamilton Means one Great WR

Winfield, Earl WR 1987 to 1997 North Carolina

Let home Jason Can live up to the Jersery…


True, Tom. Wearing 1, 26, 31, 61, 68, or 77 kinda raises the expectations for me too in Hammertown. :wink:

If Jason does 75% of what Earl did with the Cats, he'll be more than fine!

Oski Wee Wee,

maybe in respect, they should put an A after the one... never can there be another #1.. but I'm ok with 1A

I agree with all three of you.

Russ, you forgot #82...

No I didn't. Those numbers mean more to me. LMAO

If I included EVERY Ticat great's number in my list, I would have been here all night. LOL I hear you though.

Oski Wee Wee,

Phew! I thought you were refering to Wayne Shaw :lol: :lol: :rockin:

I really hope he can live up to the great Pete Gonzalez.

I know we have a WR Before Earl Who Wore 1
For the life of me a Can't Remember him
I think Steve Stapler but he could used the #3.

Hey!! I liked Gonzalez. :smiley:

Stapler wore 3 and 80, I don’t think he wore 1

Keith Baker wore #1

That's it Keith Baker I could not Remember his name.

Baker was CFL All Star in 1982.
I know we had two Former All stars use the #1

Champion wore #1 also

Yes he did.

Then Jason Really has Big Shoes to Fill.
Winfield Chamption Baker.
Let hope he can Live up to it ..

He wore #87. I do not remember him ever wearing #1 and my two media guides indicate he didn't as well.


Exhibit, eh? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,

he actualy did wear both numbers(not at the same time) :wink:

I stand corrected in that case, my media guides do not. LMAO :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

I watched the 86 comeback against the Argos again recently...(those were the days)...I think he had number one on for that game....Funny, I don't remember him in the 86 Grey Cup game at all...
Am I confused..?

ha ha.

Sorry Russ, but rebounder is correct. Champion wore #1 when he made his CFL debut on Sept.15/85. in Toronto (he caught a 67-yard touchdown pass from Ken Hobart in his first game) and he continued to wear it until the end of the 1986 season. He "inherited" the #1 from running back Poncho James (now there's a blast from the past) who wore it until he was released mid-season in 1985.