He is Staying

"I am the Head Coach of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, I was yesterday, I am today and I'm hopefully going to be for years to come,? said Taaffe. “Despite untruthful reports that surfaced Thursday of this week that I had accepted a job West Virginia University, I thought it was important to let all the Tiger-Cats fans know the only place I want to coach is in Hamilton. We started something last year that obviously was disappointing, but I'm fully committed to working as hard as possible for the great fans of Hamilton to get this thing turned in the right direction?.

[url=http://www.ticats.ca/index.php?module=newser&func=display&nid=22453]http://www.ticats.ca/index.php?module=n ... &nid=22453[/url]

there you go

Sure took him long enough

The confusion from all this stmes from the fact that he his good friends with Stewart. It would have been an amazing opportunity for Taaffe to coach there.

I am very surprised

finally…let’s move on

Thanks for coming out from under the bridge troll. Please kindly slip out the back and watch you "real league" playoffs and not come back.

Why are you wasting your and everyone else's time here?

Glad to see that the Ticat head coaching situation is resolved. Now Bob O'Billovich can get back to the task of improving the playing personnel and the coaching staff can start preparing for the 2008 season.

I'm very surprised. Why wasn't such a statement issued last Thurs. or Fri.?

The opportunity to coach at WVU took Charlie
by surprise when it suddenly fell in his lap.

a top 10 NCAA program...in his home country
closer to his son's college football career.

He mulled it over long and hard for 3 or 4 days

and chose instead, the team he was committed to,
far away from where his and wife are living.

Coaches work long, brutal hours
with their family lives on hold.

Charlie has proven to me

he is the man of integrity
that I thought he was.

I feel guilty for doubting him.

I guess my opinion has been jaundiced by
how rare that is in professional Sports

Here's to many successful years
as the Ticats Head Coach, Charlie!

Well crafted. That means they had three people working on that for four days, one person per sentence. Maybe they split it further and had like twelve people working on one clause each. LMAO

It's like the Monty Python sketch about the World's Deadliest Joke. You know, the one that was translated into German by the British Army by a multitude of translators one word at a time for fear that they would die laughing of they worked with larger chunks. LOL

A lot of spin. I don't buy it.

One reply to Peters or Zamperin: I AM NOT GOING ANYWHERE! Didn't happen. There is more to this than Charlie's statement suggests. It make Obie's earlier statement that Charlie was considering his options sound absurd. Sorry.

Oski Wee Wee,

We know Charlie has been mulling over his friend's offer

but, Russ, friends of mine who are casual observers

who only read the headlines have already bought
the denials published in the press for days anyway.

Even if they don't read this,
they'll think I must be nuts
for telling them he was gone.

I Feel Awful For Letting Doubt Creep into my head. I got to know this man and His staff Well last year.
I should have know better then to Doubt Charlie

Charlie is Prideful man
He is a Man of Respect and Honor.
I let What I was reading take my better judgement away.
I feel Awful for losing my Trust in man who made me a Better fan and Blogger.

Coach T is back, lam surprised but happy.

Well never know what really happened and im glad he`s staying but I think that he was seriously looking at leaving .

What will be interesting is how he ended up staying. If he closed the door on UWV it is one thing. If the door was closed by UWV or the Ticats. It is quite another.

Who cares about WVU. Despite what some claimed Mitchell and Obie held the door open for Charlie to stay and kept it open.

One might call it a "vote of confidence"

Well im sure when we have losses this will come up . Its tough life being a coach and i`m sure Taffe will want to hammer out his repuatation here in Hamilton .

Whenever i listend to the Ticats show on Sundays on CHML , Taffe was week in and week out commenting on how the players didnt quit and didnt give up .This shows I think that they like him as a coach and want to play for him .

Lets hope that with a training camp with Printers and a healthy Jesse Lumsden and some new recievers that Taffe can use the expanded playbook he is famous for and our offence will flourish in 08 !!!!

I was critical of Taffe when all this was going down . Lets get over it now and talk football only !!!

There still seems to be a mixup between Obie and Mitchell (you'd think they would confer before releasing anything to the Press?)in announcing anything in regards Charlie Taffe, that argues that there remains some sort of friction and how Taffe and the team might deal with his extended contract with the Cats, versus his opportunities for himself and his son in the "Ivy League" Colleges in the States, where pay is probably better than in the CFL.

There seemed a long period of consideration where Obie looked at what we might have in Taffe as a HC, and Charlie would seem to be having very little opinions or options over who his coaching staff of 2008 winds up being...

Are they playing "Chicken" with one another? ("If you fire me, you have to pay me out, regardless that I have immediate employment elsewhere, and you cannot blame me for DC's or OC's forced on me by Team Management?)vs "Marcel hired this guy on an extended contract, and we are stuck with him until the contract runs out, or we can convince him to abandon and exit and be on our merry way with whoever we can find that is, in fact, a "mesh" with CFL style football and TiCat "position" of this or any future date?"

Tough call!

That's why we are paying Obie the big bucks, and Scott Mitchell should consider what he says in front of a camera or microphone...

My Thoughts Only!