he has to go !

Maas has to go period. The guy is useless inside the 20"s send him Calgary.

Last nights game was a completed joke.

This is a NEW thread?????

:roll: How about we get an O line first! it doesn't matter what QB we have in there at the moment..... Bring in some o linemen ASAP!

o line,more than any position thrives on continuity,if you think the db's are bad because of constant change,the o line would even be worse.

It's unfortunate because he tries very, very hard and he can be a very accurate passer but the man is just snakebit in Hamilton and I'm sure he'd be happier and at least he'd have a chance to be successful somewhere else.

Having been a fan for over 50 years, I have seen glorious and lean times with the team and look forward to more wins and Cups.

I have no faith this year, as there is a problem at QB. Looking at last nights game, how could it be that most of the receivers ran the wrong route? How could the receivers miss catches when the ball floated at them giving the defence time to look like a blanket?

Jason may have some good skills but his arm looks weak and his reaction to his recivers trying to get open and getting the ball to them smartly is not looking good. It is time for a change. Write off the season and let the Hawiian get experience or bring in experienced talent that can operate in the CFL and lead the team.

Seeing Jason throwing tantrums on the sideline is not, in my opinion, the sign of a great leader. He looked more like an egotistical spoiled child.

Now for the precvious part of the seaon!

No, I won't do that. Opinion stated. Lets make things better for the balance of the season.

jason seems to love to shift the blame. danny mac never ever did that. he was always the first to blame himself ,never pointed the finger.

Jason Maas wasn't the only one throwing tantrums on the sidelines, CB Anderson was doing the same thing.

The team seems to lack discipline (lay that one at the coaches' doorstep, team discipline is a coaching responsibility).

I have not been a Maas-basher this season (nor last season), but with a 1-7 record something's got to give so I'd expect to see Chang start on Labour Day.

Why not, the blue team won't have much game film on him to use in preparation. They already know what they'll be seeing in Maas, so why not throw a curve at them (heck, may as well give Williams some quality time also).

at what point is the front office going to show some loyatly and dedication to the fans and make some changes with this team?? It needs BIG changes....to CONTINUALLY lose for the last 4 seasons without ground-breaking changes shows the ownership doesn't care about the fans, the city or the teams great history. The biggest problem with the team is in the office...

If the Cfl was not so weak of Quality QBs ,I would say get rid of him now! But the sad reality is there is no good reserve out there to help us! Bench him and let him really think about what he done which has been nothing! My hope is low with team right now too but I know good things come to those who wait!

It’s those darned Linemen or is it those darned Receivers the ones to blame for this mess!!! I say Marcel trade or cut all those darned Receivers that can’t get open, much the same as you did last year.

Now steve I have to NOT agree with that,
The receivers to the left of mass was getting open, but hard to see that when he only looked to the right.

When he did have some open he took to long to pass.

At this point, I'll say that Maas has run out of chances to prove himself. Granted, the team has lots of other problems, but Maas isn't helping by underthrowing balls, missing wide-open receivers, making poor judgment calls that result in INTs or fumbles, and acting like a petulant child on the sidelines.

Let Chang get some reps now. If he's going to be your QB of the future, he needs to get quality playing time in real game situations, not busy-work duty in the fourth quarter of a blowout.