He did it!!!!!!!!


You should drop your idea for having 50-yard field goals be worth 4 points.

Instead, the team whose kicker hits a 50-yard field goal shares a $1,000,000 bonus!

Let's try 4 point FG out in a exhibution game for kicks and for history sake.

I say that the team that wins the GC should share a 1,000,000 bonus, but I belive that that already happens. Odd perks I mean

This is why he missed the first 3 field goals.
Paul Macallum was showing him footage of last years Western final.
Then Prefontaine got mad at Paul for showing him the video.
Then N.P. put in a video of him playing in the Grey cup.N.P. said this is how you kick a field goal!!!LOL

I was so happy to see someone finally took the upper-hand in these "you-don't-really-have-a-chance-to-make-it" contests.

Go job Brian !

As for those who think he might get a kicker's job in the CFL, I'd say not too many teams would like a guy who misses from 20, 30 and 40... Had he done all four, I think he might have been invited to a training camp somewhere. Probably in Ottawa.

just released on the tsn's website - winnipeg put him on their negotiation list.
Whats even funnier is that it was your team that did it statik. I guess I was right.

Deion Sanders is also on the Bomber negotiation list … I don’t make much of this.


And so have been Brock Lesnar and Donovan Bailey...

Taman rocks !

"This man has been dead for 3 years!!!"

"Cross him off, then!"

LMFFAO!!!!! :lol:

That would be an awesome team

Brian Diesbourg as kicker
Brock Lesnar on the o line
Donovan Bailey as Running back or reciever
Deion sanders as defensive back

I am sure you would see a team similar to the replacements