He ain't heavy, he's my Buono LMAO


We all understand from Obie's first press conference that he considers Wally like a brother to him.

Although the sentiments maybe be genuinely felt, the fact that Wally may recoup Jacques Chapdelaine into the Lions fold is...well...oh brother! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Especially when Wally casts off Jamie Barresi as his receivers coach to make room for a possible Chap reuion in Vancouver.

Hulk Hogan: "What kind of brother does that, brotherrrrrrrrrrrr?" :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Note: for an appreciation of the high esteem most Ticat fans hold Jamie Barresi, please consult http://beige.ticats.ca unless those threads of tribute are still being disposed of with tongs. :slight_smile:)


We shall see how this is played out. The Chapdelaine as Cat OC theory is in the balance. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

Our offence actually put up better numbers under Barressi than it did under Taffes watch. How do the Taffe luvers like them apples?

we had worse players then that year
we had Danny Mac at QB that year
Good Defence and Better WR and Good Running game
If Would give Taaffe that team we would have been in the grey cup.

I really doubt that considering Taffe is not an offensive geru like you all think. Why would we be in the Grey Cup? With Taffes 5 yard out routes 30 times a game? His offence is simplicity at it's best, the wide receiver runs deep the slot runs a 5 yard out and run the ball every time on first down unless Jesse is in the game then you give him the ball 10 times a game max.

The only way we would have been in the Cup that year would have been if Danny called his own plays. Nothing else.

The only reason we had an offense in 2004 is DJ Flick and Danny Mac. I remember near the beginning of the season they were red hot while the defense stunk it up.

Don't exactly know what happened after that, the game seemed to get much more conservative.

With Danny Mac, there wouldn't be very many 5-yd out plays...