HDTV Blackout

Anyone else get a Blackout message for the Winnipeg - Edmonton game on TSNHD? It’s only affecting the HD channel, for some reason. Normal TSN works fine…

Me too. I wonder if it's a blackout as announced or, if perhaps they didn't have the HD production facilities available?

The game is not in HD in Ontario
it can be seen on TSN without HD

This was never going to be an HD game. The TSNHD feed is national and they cant black out some areas for it.

They can locally blackout the regular TSN, so we arent missing anything as this was not scheduled to be an HD game.

I was watching HD on TSN channel 502, at 9:30 a boxing match came on!!
I then switched to TSN non HD channel the game looked blurry and out of foucs.

That's because you went from 480i upconvert to 480i SD.

Nothing wrong with what happened ... except your eyes are becoming use to upconverted channels or HD.
Welcome to the 90's . :slight_smile:

I then switched to TSN non HD channel the game looked blurry and out of foucs.

On a regular CRT TV with Mountain Cablevision the game was perfectly crystal clear on my 36" CRT. I've heard that HD TV's can make the picture worse in some cases if a program isn't in HD. That's why I won't be buying one for a while until the industry gets it's act together.

what he said. :thup:

From the CFL website
"9 Thu Jun 28 BC 24 Toronto 22 06:30 PM TSNHD Webcast 29,157
10 Thu Jun 28 Winnipeg 39 Edmonton 39 09:30 PM TSN Webcast 33,038"

So the first game was in HD and the second game was not for some reason.

The Ticat game in Calgary is going to be in HD on CBC.

TSN doesn't have the facilities to do every game in HD. They say next year they will.

Here's TSN's and CBC's schedules, showing which games are in HD and which are not: