HC candidates in BC and Toronto?

I see where Scott Milanovich has been promoted to OC in Jacksonville after benching Bortles and firing their OC. So he’s off any list.

Who do you think are possibilities?

Jarious Jackson
Ryan Dinwiddie
Mark Killam
Tommy Condell
Buck Pierce
Mark Washington

I’m sure these guys will get interviews.
BC I suspect will be the most sought after job.

Both jobs are high-paying so both will attract viable candidates. Toronto has a more proven GM, BC GM has proven CFL success:

Some possible head coach (HC) and offensive (OC) combinations:

  1. Plop & Ryan Dinwiddie (coached or played together for 1 year in Winnipeg I believe)

  2. Claybrooks & Buck Pierce (OC)

3, CHAMP Chamblin & Jarious Jackson (OC)

Outside shots for head coach in either market: Noel Thorpe, Orlando Steinhauer, McAdoo

Yes I forgot Thorpe and Elizondo.

Ed Hervey has already gone on record as saying he is hiring an up-and-coming assistant coach. Not interested in the Marc Trestmans or (insert guy with NFL pedigree) here. I think this would disqualify LaPolice too, but I don’t get the sense Lapo is willing to leave Winnipeg anyway.

I would put the top 3 candidates (for BC at least) in order as:


I heard some rumour though that Claybrooks could garner some NFL interest in some capacity.

Yeah I heard that too about Claybrooks. I think Dave Naylor said he had an offer on the table for an NFL job, although it wasn’t specified what the job was.

Claybrook is going NFL. There is a chance Kilam is as well and I know he is looking at one of the new leagues as well (this is going to be a concern moreso than players going)

Orlondo Steinauer cited reasons for coming back east to Hamilton from California where he had a high paying gig in the NCAA, were his kids wanted to come back to S. Ontario to live where they grew up and their friends live.
Obviously Orlondo’s family is important in his decision.

Taking a job out west a year later in BC sort of defeats that

As far as taking the TOR vacancy

Working for that Bill Manning creep that fired Trestman over the phone while he was on the team bus and told him not to bother showing his face on locker cleanout day to talk to the players does not seem like a situation that Orlondo would put himself into.

And he shouldn’t trust Popp as far as he could throw him

Popp has now fired 4 HC’s in the last 6 seasons

Last time Jim Popp hired a HC (outside of Trestman who knew him well), it was Dan Hawkins. Let’s hope for Argos fans that Popp will make a better choice.

With Manning the VP of Standing Around in TO and Popp his red right hand I suspect the high-paying Toronto job will go to someone who really needs the money and all the aggravation it may cause. So the list constricts to:

  • Jarious Jackson
  • Hector Elizondo
  • Ryan Dinwiddie
  • Buck Pierce
  • Mark Killam
  • guy who replaced Wally the first time and desecrated the job
  • McAdoo

Don’t rule out Ricky Ray for some nagging reason!

The only guy who may be financially self-sufficient and would take the job for the prestige and market size is Chamblin

“Popp goes the weasel”…or is that "Popp IS a weasel ? " Agreed anybody that would want to work under a guy like Popp should have their head examined . The guy has thrown more HC’s under the bus in the last six years than the other eight GM’s combined . Orlondo would have to be absolutely off his rocker to sign with that outfit with Popp running the show considering his track record as of late .

I could be wrong, but I doubt that Orlando Steinauer will be interested in being Head Coach of Toronto or BC. He may listen and even accept to be interviewed, but at the end I think that he will remain with Hamilton,where he could become Head Coach in 1 or 2 years.

Hamilton has a much better team and QB than Toronto and BC and, in the long run, it will be more beneficial to him to remain in Hamilton, so I think.


I tend to agree with you on this Richard as far as Steinauer goes.
I don’t think LaPolice should leave Winnipeg anytime soon either.

Both BC and Toronto have red flags for any new HC. Toronto’s are obvious-Popp in general and his proven dishonesty and CYA mentality and his statement that any new coach will have to keep the current assistants.
And BC with somewhat unsettled ownership and QB situation.

Oh man I hope its McAdoo going to BC

Trestman, Hawkins, and ?

Because he keeps wanting to hire himself.

I don’t know what this means, but Orlando is from the Pacific Northwest and has family up here. Granted, he has been in Southern Ontario for a long time now. He may love it there. But he definitely has some ties to this region which shouldn’t be dismissed.

I would be surprised if he is not at least talking to Ed Hervey.

IMO Steinauer is not leaving Hamilton soon. Two reasons for this…Jones is 65 and the title of Steinauer’s job, Asst HC.
Please feel free to inform me. Does anyone else have an Asst HC? Don’t hear that title too often.

I believe PLOP (Paul LaPolice) is assistant head coach to SMO (Stubborn Mike O’Shea) in Winnipeg

He is not listed as the Asst HC

From Bombers depth charts - BLUE BOMBERS COACHING STAFF

Off. Coordinator/Receivers Coach: Paul LaPolice

<McAdoo- Riders “Assistant Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator”